Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones with Bluetooth and Mic

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Want a comfortable headset that you can use for business, pleasure, and workouts? Our Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones have 360-degree flexibility so you can adjust the headset for optimal comfort. Using small vibrations that travel through the back of your ear, our headphones never need to be placed in your ear.

Bone Conduction Headphones

They’re 100% waterproof, so sweat away without worry. When it’s time for business, you have Bluetooth and a mic for hands-free calls. For music or phone calls, enjoy crisp, clear sound with the elastic coil design and noise reduction.


  • 360-Degree Flex - The flexible design lets you comfortably wear your glasses and your headphones too. Virtually indestructible, it bends instead of breaking.
  • Waterproof & Sweatproof - No foam or silicone tips like on earbuds, so you don’t have to worry about sweat ruining your headset. Our behind-the-ear design stays in place no matter how much you sweat.
  • Noise Reduction - Nothing’s worse than poor sound quality ruining your music and your mood. Tune it all out with built-in noise reduction.
  • Bluetooth 5.1 - With the most up-to-date Bluetooth available, you can connect with devices up to 10m away. Enjoy clear, consistent connection.
Bone Conduction Headphones Cycling

Non-Invasive Wear

Our ears produce wax, so earbuds get grimy and nasty the more you use them. Our bone conduction design keeps your headset sanitary and comfy for extended wear.

Easy to Operate 

Designed to use on to go, you can easily find the buttons without needing to look. To power on or off, hold the side key for 3 seconds.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones For Running


  • Average Battery Life: 4 Hours
  • Max Output: 1mW
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 1%
  • Charge Type: USB
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Standby Time: 5 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Jennifer L Greer

We love these headphones. I’m going to buy them for my other children too

Jonathan Rosado

These things are a game changer. I have no idea how this works without being in my ear, but it's pretty mind blowing. I don't have to worry about my ear buds or ipods falling out of my ear when I'm on the treadmill so that's a plus. I can use these all day while I'm at work without them dying. So battery life is excellent! This brings a while new level of an experience. I would definitely recommend.

Cecil Neville III

These headphones are fully flexible, fit better, and have plusher contact pads which make the headphones more comfortable. They also have great sound and connect flawlessly.

J Akes

I have been wanting to try out the new bluetooth listening devices on the market but wasn't willing to drop a lot of money on something that hasn't stood the test of time. Love this headset. Is much safer for driving and answering calls. I suffer from chronic ear infections and the in ear ear buds I have to sanitize constantly. These ride right in from of the ear behind the cheek bone but in front of the ear canal. I have allowed several others to try them out just to see if the fit was universal and so far everyone who has tried them has loved them. Even my husband who is a die hard in the ear bluetooth lover agreed is really nice bluetooth with good sound and comfortable fit. Would highly recommend these if you are considering dipping your toe into this new type of bluetooth. Allows for you to hear what is going on around you so is safer for biking, running and driving than traditional sound cancelling devices. I use them for listening to my audio books and music while I work and for exercising and still being able to hear if the phone rings or someone knocks on my door. I also use them for my commute time to answer phone calls and listen to directions on my phone. Would highly recommend to others.

Matthew L.

These headphones changed my life! As someone who has hyperacusis AND is an avid audiofile these headphones are literally a godsend! I researched bone conductive tech and spent quite awhile reading countless reviews and comparing design specs from every headphone that claimed to be bone conductive before I settled on these and hooo boy am I glad I did! There are some out there that are waaay more expensive but these absolutely delivered on quality, comfort and PRICE! The moment I put them on (they came fully charged out-of-the-box) I was blown away by the sound quality and the fact that my ear drum was not involved in the perception of the sound at all!!!! I actually cried tears of joy and relief! I put on ear plugs to make my days less painful and stressful and it just increased the sound quality and of course MY COMFORT! I also wear glasses and these sat so comfortably on my ear I forgot I was wearing them at all! Walking, jogging and chasing my kids didn't so much as make them shift or budge. The battery life lasted all day, nothing on my head or face or in my ear got sore from using these, they paired easily and had the cheekiest device name (touchbone) lol These were so impressive that I had my mate try them on and they were instantly jealous and ordered their own pair! Delivered in just three days and I would say are the best gift I have ever given myself ever and the price was honestly decent! If you suffer from over sensitive hearing, tympanic membrane damage, or migraines like myself I would HIGHLY recommend these!

Richard Weems

I was dubious that this style of headset could have decent sound quality, but within seconds of turning this on and connecting it to my phone (a very easy process, btw), I was surprised at how these sounded. The controls on the right ear piece are easy to make sense of by touch, and the headset design fits well, despite me having a bit of a larger head and neck than most.All in all, a good product for the money, and a good alternative especially for wearing while biking, running or hiking, when you don’t want earbuds to completely block your hearing.