Ultralight Full Camp Cooking Set | Aluminum Alloy Outdoor Cookware

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If you’re an avid camper and outdoorsman, than you need this lightweight cooking set. This cooking gear is great for the fire you start and will help you cook your favourite dishes.

Outdoor Cookware Sets

There’s seldom anything better than a day out in the woods with your family or loved ones, but it can be difficult to cook your favourite meals while camping. If you’re an avid camper but find yourself wishing you could cook more delicious and robust meals while in the wild, the full camp cooking set is for you. This great cooking set includes a backpacking stove, a mesh bag with a drawstring, one foldable lightweight cooking pot and one foldable lightweight cooking pan.

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This set makes the perfect gift for a loved one who loves to camp. These tools and utensils will help you cook hearty meals at the drop of a hat with their durable build. These cooking tools are built to be stick-free, meaning you won’t have to worry about a long deeply hassling clean up. 

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Portability: These great pots and pans are designed to be brought with you to your camping site and stored in small places for your convenience. You’ll never have to worry about lugging along a heavy and cumbersome set of cooking equipment.

Non-Stick: Don’t worry about the clean up with stick resistant camping cookware. Food will slide right off the pan you’ll only need a dash of water and soap to clean even the messiest dishes. It’s simple and allows you to spend more time with your family during this quality time. 

Scratch Resistant: These pots and pans are among the most durable for camping purposes. Marvel as you scratch and claw your way onto these pans with forks and knives and watch as there’s no damage done, no matter how many utensils scrape across their surfaces.

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Ease And Convenience: The small, lightweight nature of these pots and pans make taking them on trips a breeze. They’ve been specifically designed for camping trips with the family and friends.

Durability: Cooking products are rarely made with this sharp eye toward durability. These are not designed to be bought and used once or twice. These pots and pans were built to be used for several years, saving you money down the road.

Diversification: This set comes with a bevy of different pots and pans for all of your cooking needs. Don’t get stuck using just one pot and pan for the duration of your trip. Switch between these and the two additional pots and kettle included in the set.

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  • Material: Advanced Hard Alumina
  • Cooking Pot Specifications: 166x89mm
  • Frying Pan Specifications: 167x39mm
  • Teapot Capacity: 800ml
  • Weight: 710 g


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Very well made and attention to detail is very good. Definitely recommend for a camping option.

Vicki Grafing

The design is AMAZING! It has everything we will need, all in one small net. I was looking for compact yet functional. This set met and actually surpassed my expectations.


Just used this for the first time this past week. Loved the easy clean up and compact size. Looking forward to using this set for years to come. Highly recommend!


Awesome! This is what I needed to have a light weight, compact cooking set of pots and pans


The pots, pan, and lids have a nice feel to them and look durable enough. I'm very impressed and happy with my purchase.


This product was great, perfect for camping. Would buy again in the future once these ones wear out.