Ultralight Carbon Adjustable Trekking Poles | For Mountain Hiking Trails

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Ready to hit the trails? The Ultralight Adjustable Trekking Poles will help you climb higher and hike with more confidence. These poles are ideal for hikers, the elderly, or anyone in need of extra stability. The anti-shock design absorbs reverberations, so you can hike longer with less impact on your knees.

Best Trekking Poles For Backpacking

The automatic lock pops into place when you extend your trekking pole. The aluminum design is sturdy and solid but lightweight so it won’t strain your arms or shoulders. Available in two lengths and several colors, these adjustable poles work for children and adults. Plus, each telescopic pole collapses and folds for storage.


  • 2 Lengths Available - The shorter pole adjusts from 95-110cm and works best for people 150-170cm tall. The longer pole adjusts from 110-130cm and is made for people 170-190cm in height.
  • Lightweight Aluminum - These aluminum poles are strong but lightweight. With these feather-light poles, you can hike for long period of times without arm fatigue.
  • Foldable for Carrying - The telescopic design lets you pull the pieces of the pole apart. Then, just fold and secure the strap.
Lightest Trekking Poles


  • Added Stability - Hiking up an incline or with a backpack can throw you off balance. Our trekking poles add extra stability and reduce the likelihood of falling and injuring yourself.
  • Reduces Knee Strain - Using trekking poles reduces knee strain by reducing the load on the knees. Your arm muscles use the trekking poles to pull your body upwards as you hike. Our trekking poles also have an anti-shock design to reduce the impact on your knees.
  • Secure, Concealed Lock - These trekking poles automatically lock when you pull the top stick up. When you hear it click in place, you’ll know it’s locked.
Lightweight Trekking Poles


  • Stick Tip: Carbon Tungsten Steel
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum
  • Handle Material: Plastic & rubber
  • Two Lengths: 95-110cm & 110-130cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
M. Isi

I bought this because I have bad knees and I knew we were going to do a lot of hiking in Mammoth Lakes during our vacation. These are perfect walking sticks. They are sturdy and I felt stable when leaning on them going up and down steep hills. I’ve even loaned one stick to a lady who has arthritis and was nervous about a rather steep uphill trek. She liked it so much she said she’ll get one, too.These telescopes into itself so make sure its locked tight before you lean on it. Also, the rubber sole on one stick came off on the trail. Make sure that’s on tight before using. They are replaceable just in case you do lose it or when they get worn out.

Scott Berry

Don't Let The Value Price Fool You! These poles can be used in so many different ways, but you will not find another set of poles with this high quality for this price. These are extremely high quality poles! They are very sturdy, very light, perfectly balanced, and solid, and they even look good. If you are looking at other hiking poles, close those pages down, and buy these. They are awesome! When you get them, take some time to make sure you set them up properly so they fit right. Then, just take off and enjoy. Take them with you wherever you are going. They collapse very small, and are light. Enjoy your hiking, daily walking, whatever you need them for. You will not be disappointed.


My wife and I have hiked all over the country (and in Europe) since we retired several years ago. We decided to try using hiking poles after seeing an older couple using them in Switzerland. We shopped around and were stunned at how expensive hiking poles can be. We settled on these poles because they are reasonably priced. After 5+ years of heavy use we could not be happier. I’m sure some of the super expensive poles are a little lighter but these poles are strong and durable. When we hike/climb we push off hard with the poles on uphill sections. The spring in the poles gives you some shock absorbing effect as you push off, as well as some cushioning of your knees on steep downhills.We actually ended up buying 6 pairs of these poles, not because the originals wore out, but because we keep two pair in Oregon and two pair in California where our daughters live so we don’t have to pack them in our bags when we fly there to visit. Bottom line? It’s not necessary to spend a ton of money to get good hiking poles.


I bought these in 2020 and have found overall they work well. There were a couple of times when I unscrewed them too much, or pulled them out too far, and made one of them unworkable -- it would be "tightened" (there's a click) but the length would slide under mild pressure. Later, however, I sat down with it and screwed it in carefully, somehow did the right thing and it has worked great ever since. Took them on a National Parks road trip through Colorado, Utah, and the Grand Canyon, and they got me around spectacularly. The only trouble was losing both rubber tips on that trip. Since COVID we've been taking short hikes more frequently and they are still working well. Rubber handles have not worn or gone brittle, and the wrist straps don't slip.

Amy Grohowski

I am overweight. Walking 2-5 miles a day for weight loss...but, my leg/lower back don't like me very well about half way through. It's nice to have these walking sticks that just help me get a move on, and give me a little support to keep me going.


For years, I refused to use hiker poles because I thought they looked dumb. I don't know what came over me, but I decided to order some to try them out. Let me tell you, I am NEVER going hiking without them again. These make hills so much easier. It's almost like having an extra pair of legs to boost you up the hill. They also give my hands something to do. Before, my hands would either awkwardly dangle at my sides or be tucked inside my backpack straps. They're also great for keeping branches and cobwebs out of my face. I highly recommend.On a side note, I was so impressed with these, that I bought a pair for my mother. She is 70 years old, loves to walk, but can't get around as good as she used to. These have really helped her.