Time - Pirates Monocular Telescope | Vintage 3D Wooden Puzzle Telescope

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Puzzles are fun, but at the end of it, it’s just a picture you’re left with. What if you could do a puzzle that creates a functioning and useful device upon completion?

How To Do 3d Wooden Puzzle

Build your own pirate themed Monocular Telescope with this vintage 3D wooden puzzle from Time. It has 314 challenging pieces to construct and other authentic looking accents that leave you with a real functioning telescope. Unlike other puzzles, this is actually useful and fun to use when you finish! It will look great as a vintage piece on any desk or as an eye-catching ornament in your home. Sail the seven seas with this pirate themed puzzle and get ready to explore with your finished Monocular Telescope.

How To Put A Wooden Puzzle Back Together


Great Sight: The telescope works for up to 150 m line of sight and 3 x magnification. You’re actually creating a real, functioning telescope!

Decorative Pieces: To give that authentic feel, the telescope comes with a decorative leather sheath, a Jolly Roger Lens Cover, Roman Stamping Textures and a retro nameplate. Just like pirates used to use!

Challenging Puzzle: With 314 pieces for assembly, this puzzle is for real puzzle lovers. The end product makes it super satisfying when you finish too!

How To Make Wooden Puzzles


Fun For Everyone: Kids and adults alike will have loads of fun making this wooden puzzle telescope. It’s challenging, but satisfying when done!

Promotes Teamwork: A puzzle like this promotes teamwork. Working together to create a useful device makes it an even better achievement!

A Real Telescope: The puzzle is fun, but you will also create a real, functioning telescope! Use your telescope to explore around you when finished!

How To Preserve A Wooden Puzzle


  • Wood Pieces: 314
  • Assembly Time: ~ 3 hours.
  • Recommend Ages: 14+. Children Under The Age Of 14 Should Have Adult Supervision.
  • Real Sight Distance: 150 m.
  • Objective Lens: 30 mm.
  • Eyepiece Diameter: 20 mm.
  • Package Size: 310 x 230 x 35 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I've done a few of these puzzles and this one had the most pieces. It includes a few extra of the smaller pieces as they can break if you're not careful.The stand and hook it has for the main piece does feel like it can topple if flicked, but as long as you keep your cat away from trying to use it to find the catnip, you'll be good to go.This was prob the most fun I had assembling something and I will definitely be getting more of this brand's puzzles.

Kimberly Barnett

Got this for my hubby. Really cool, he enjoyed the build and the result. Really sturdy, function and beautiful piece. Will definitely purchase more like this in the future.

Matt B

I received this as a gift and had a blast building it! It’s about an intermediate level build, not something a kid would be able to do by themselves too easily. The instructions are nice and clear, including warnings about fragile pieces. Very cool build, I’ll definitely be looking to pick up a few more of their kits!

Joe Brown

Pay attention to the instructions and it's an easy build. Lots of parts but it ends up with a display quality model. This was for my grandson Christmas and I helped him build it. Some parts are very fragile and best handled by an adult. Keep some CA glue on hand as you WILL break a few parts. No big deal. That always happens with intricate models like this.


My grand nephew loved it. He loved the scope so much.


Such a fun project. As with all of these models, follow directions or it won't turn out!