Solar Powered Driveway Alarm With Wireless Long Range Sensor

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Securing your home and property shouldn’t start and end with simply locking your front and back door. Having effective and high tech security is becoming more and more of a necessity in today’s world.

What Is The Best Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light

Get peace of mind from your home and property security today with the Solar Powered Driveway Alarm with Wireless Long Range sensor. After setting up the two solar powered sensors with a 300 feet detection range, you can get up to a ½ mile transmission range alert when someone enters your home or property. The solar powered batteries are reliable and strong, charging themselves even on cloudy or wet days. Let’s face it, you cannot put a price on securing your home and property, so get it today with this solar powered security solution.

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DIY Setup: Unlike other home security systems, this one is easy to set up. Because they are solar powered, there’s no direct power to connect or installation brackets required. It’s a quick and customizable setup according to what you want. No wires, no batteries.

Solar Powered: The long-range sensors are able to charge themselves even on wet or cloudy days. Get reliable solar powered security all year round!

Long Range Detection: Two sensors emit beams between them and can create a barrier up to 300 feet long. The sensors can be up to a ½ mile away from your home where the alert transmitter will be located. It’s a great security system for properties with long driveways or distant entrances.

Fully Expandable System: While one purchased system contains only one set of sensors, you can easily create a more expanded and substantial security system by adding more sensors according to your setup. Use up to 32 sensors!

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Affordable Home Security: Being solar powered and easy to set up, this home security system is far more affordable and reliable than many others available on the market.

Peace Of Mind: Create a non-intrusive some security system to protect you, your family, your property and home. It’s a must for anyone looking for reliable protection.

Low False Alarm Rate: Because of the multi beam sensors and the ability to adjust their height, you’ll get far less false alarms when small animals or objects cross the beams path.

What Is The Best Solar Motion Sensor Light


  • Connection Type: Wireless
  • Wireless Transmission Range: 800m (Line Of Sight)
  • Sensor Detection Range: 100m


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Danny Hurles

I've tried so many wireless motion sensors, they all false like crazy! This solved all my problems and has enough options to make me smile. Install was super simple and I contacted seller with a few questions, they were super fast and helpful in their replies. I also plan to add two wires from the terminals on the back to my house alarm. This way, I will know if that zone is tripped while away. If you've suffered with false motion, throw the motion sensors in the trash where they belong. This beam is the way to go.


Pretty easy to set up. Initially we put it up too high so smaller cars were not setting it off. We lowered it and about a week in it hasn’t missed a car or person walking through yet. Volume on the receiver is plenty loud.

Roger Steortz

I have had researched several driveway alerts and this one had the best reviews, so I decided to try it. I like that it is a beam breaker with 3 beams, wireless, and has a long range. It was easy to install, just follow instr. and align. I have not had any FALSE alarms nor do I expect any. It worked flawlessly thru a major Hurricane, winds , and torrential rain with my house being powered by a generator. Volume is excellant when triggered and It has contact outputs too that I use for another alert warning to my shop.


Works great. Installed at my gate that is located about 300 yards frome the house where I have the receiver and performs perfectly. The solar charger on the sensors has kept the battery charged even in cloudy weather

Francisco Di Lorenzo

Works just as we wanted it to. We have a long driveway and this lets us know when anybody drives in.

Christian Costa

It works great and very easy to install and maintain.