Probe - Hidden Camera Detector and Spy Finder

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Want to be sure your privacy is protected? Now, you can be with the Hidden Camera Detector & Spy Finder. Quickly find GPS trackers on cars, USB eavesdropping devices, and pinhole cameras. With our spy detector, you can rest assured that where you go, what you say, who you see, and what you do are all completely private.

Hidden Camera And Audio Bug Detector

Using radio wave frequency detection, our device leaves eavesdropping devices and bugs no place to hide. No matter how small, it can find them. Cameras are easily disguised in everyday items, but our spy detector finds them all.

Hidden Camera Detector Machine


  • Smart Proximity Alerts - With smart proximity alerts, you can pinpoint devices and remove them. The closer you get to a GPS device, the faster the alarm sounds.
  • Infrared Scanning - Infrared red light reveals cameras where they’re hiding. Find cameras located in smoke detectors, light switches, watches, earbuds, light bulbs, cell phones, and more.
  • Radio Wave Detection - The Hidden Camera Detector & Spy Finder zeroes in on high-frequency emissions. It can find bugs and cameras in the most well concealed places.
Hidden Camera Lens Detector

Ferrets Out Hidden Devices

No matter how small or how well hidden, our spy finder can find it. Its infrared technology and high-frequency scanning detect devices that are completely concealed from plain sight.

Safeguards Your Privacy

Nothing’s more important than securing your privacy and peace of mind. With our spy finder, you can know your private moments are 100% private.

Auto, Phone, & Home Use

Easily protect your phone and car. Plus, any room is secure with our all-in-one spy finder. Perfect for travel, too!

Hidden Cctv Camera Detector


  • Working Current: 15mA
  • Continuous Use: About 8 Hours
  • Charging Time: 1-2 Hours
  • Dimensions: Approx. 77*34*15mm
  • Operating Voltage: 3.7V

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Kunwei L.

Works great found 3 bugs in my house! Thank you!!

Elle B.

Easy to switch between the modes, lightweight and slim. It has USB-C charging which is great! Would recommend!

William M.

I used several detectors before this one. They all confused me and just a waste of time. This one was easy to use and it helped me to discovered some hidden devices in my house. The most important feature on this detector is the direction. You can point to any direction and check on that area. Unlike other detectors, they might tell you there are hidden devices close by, but without hint you the direction.


I couldn’t be more happier with the product. It works tremendously well. Able to detect all my hidden cameras and microphones. Even government made ones! Thank you. Your product brought awareness and then security into my life!

Andrea S

This is a cool little device to have if you are traveling and staying at an Airbnb or hotel with the scary stories of hidden bugs found in these places lately.Most commercial hidden devices that are most used fall in the 10 MHz to 8 MHz range and Jarvis is looking for anything between 1 MHz and 6.5 GHz, so these are all covered and will be found if near you. It will not find anything above 6.5 MHz frequency, but devices like those are very high end and expensive and above most common user’s budgets.The best way to use this is to turn off anything that puts out a frequency that you are aware of like your cell phone, computer, any loT devices, cameras, etc. before scanning the room with this. That may be hard to do in a hotel and you could get some false positives, say at a wall where there could be a router or someone’s laptop in the other room next to yours.The Jarvis has a setting to scan for WiFi or Broadband and you should scan for both. Things like your phone (3G/4G/LTE), GPS tracker sim cards (2G) would use the Broadband and your router would use the Wifi. These are a good way to test this and make sure it is working. The signal strength LED lights on the side will help you narrow it down to where the signal is coming from as the more the lights, the closer you are to it.The red laser light on this will help detect and a camera lens that may be hidden. If you make the room dark and shine this light around, any camera lens will reflect the light at you. You would be surprised how much it really stands out to you. Almost like sparkle or twinkling star.This does have a 300 mAh rechargeable battery in it and with the USB-C charging port on it, takes about an hour to fast charge it and will last about 25 hours of usage.

K & A

Very light and discreet, I've wanted one for years and finally found the right tool!