Portable Breathalyzer Non-Contact Alcohol Breath Tester

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Unsure about whether you're safe to drive after drinks? Now you can wipe out those feelings of doubt on your next night out with this discreet breathalyzer.

Where Can I Buy A Breathalyzer

We don’t really like to talk about it but let’s be real, there’s been times when we thought we could drive home after a few drinks, but we’ve taken the safe route and not. The Portable Breathalyzer Non-Contact Alcohol Breath Tester might be a life saving device for you and your friends the next time you’re on a night out and decide to get behind the wheel. Wipe out doubt and danger with this discreet device.

How Much Is A Breathalyzer

This precise breath analyzer does not require any direct mouth contact to measure alcohol levels, so it is also hygienic. High sensor chips give a quick and exact chemical reading seconds after blowing near the spout. After blowing, a clear and concise reading is given from 3 indicator lights. Party safely from now on knowing you can get an accurate alcohol breath test before driving.

Where To Buy A Breathalyzer


Mini Design: The breath tester is small and discreet. Measuring only 10cm in length, it looks more like a vape pen than an alcohol breathalyzer.

Long Lasting Battery: The battery inside the device is a high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery. A full charge of the device is good for hundreds of tests. Charging is via a USB.

Hygienic Design: No tubes to blow into that require mouth contact. By simply blowing near the top opening, the device commences testing. Don’t be afraid to test other drivers knowing their bacteria won’t be on the device.

Simple Readings: Despite its high tech design, the reading given after analyzing a person’s breath is remarkably simple and easy to understand. A 3-level light reading tells you a person’s state.

How Long Can A Breathalyzer Detect Alcohol

Benefits Of The Portable Breathalyzer Non-Contact Alcohol Breath Tester:

Safely Party: Now you can know exactly how safe it is for you drive, or another person to drive after drinking alcohol. Avoid dangerous guessing games from now on.

Hygienic Design: Because of the design of the device, bacteria are not transferable. Multiple people can be tested without fear of bacteria transmission.

Saves Lives: After receiving your reading you’ll know your suitability for driving. Potentially this will not only save your life from a drink driving accident, but others too.

What Is A Breathalyzer

How To Use:

***Recommended to commence tests 20 minutes after first drink.***

  1. Slide opening down: The device will show a ‘warm-up’ sign on the screen.
  2. Start blowing: After ‘warm-up’ disappears from screen ‘blow’ will appear and you can start blowing.
  3. Value display: After a few seconds a reading will appear. ‘Result’ will appear on screen. Small light will also indicate a color (red/orange/green)
  4. Slide opening up: This will commence the shut down of the device.
How To Pass A Breathalyzer Test

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Sheeren H
Great when husband thinks he is sneaky

I don’t really know about accuracy I’ve not had to calibrate it yet. My husband knows if he drinks I’m gonna make him blow and it better be ZERO !! I love it no more him lying to me .

Cameron Bohannon
I’m obsessed! It’s fun and everyone will want to try it out

So easy to set up and use. We love to use it when we have been out drinking to see how drinks affect me vs my husband. Also, it tells you when you will be sober and gives you a descriptor sentence about the BAC level you are at, like “visually intoxicated” these make me laugh! It’s just something fun to have at a party, you can predict what you think your BAC is before you blow, this is great to see how close or how off your prediction is. It’s fun and everyone will want to try it.

Lacey N. Dobberfuhl
Good Deal!

This has helped me gauge my drinking better when out with friends and to help make informed decisions about when to stop drinking or getting ride home. It’s super easy to use and I highly recommend it!

Non contact

Love love love that this is non contact so I dont have to sterilize it everytime i use it or let my friends try it out. Seems pretty accurate so far using it. Recommended.

E. Crouse
Great tool to understand the effects of drinking alcohol on BAC

This portable breathalyzer is a quality tool as well as "a fun party game". Hear me out.First off, I feel like it is accurate, and very easy to use and it comes in a compact storage bag so it doesn't get pocket trash in the delicate sensors. It charges via USB so you should never be without power, I mean we all have USB chargers everywhere, right? Ever had a group of friends over, drinking and chatting, and lose track of the time and suddenly you're not convinced everyone should be driving home just yet? Enter "BACTrack High Score". Sure, it's dumb to TRY and get high score but singling out a person and trying to convince them they need to pass a breathalyzer to leave your house isn't gonna go over well, and even more likely if they really ought to be checking. With the included 4 tips and the ability to order more you can introduce it as something fun to do, even going first, to see where you are. It's pretty easy at that point to get everyone to go along and find out exactly where everyone stands, then who's gonna say "Yeah, I blew a .15 and now I gotta go drive home". Might not stop anyone but at least it raises awareness, and that's something.Not sure what took me so long to get one of these, for both the utility and the novelty.One thing to note, I did 2 readings within a minute of each other just to see what would happen. First reading I hadn't had and alcohol in 5 minutes and I swished water in my mouth and got a 0.026. Second reading was 1 min later. I took a sip of regular beer, waited a minute and blew a 0.202, lol. Make sure to follow the directions, wait 15 mins after a last drink and/or do a good mouth rinse with WATER (not mouthwash) to get an accurate reading

Preston S
Learning tool with serious privacy concerns to consider

Pros:+ Easy to use+ Fast results. I DO recommend this, as it makes you consider this, pay attention, and I think that it helps this work as a learning tool+ Small, discrete size+ Comes with a storage bag; rather essential to keep it clean since you put it near your mouth. Cons:- must blow into it at least once a month to keep the sensor from drying out and being ruined (what happens if this sits in a warehouse somewhere for several months, or if you forget to use it)? Summary:This is best used as a learning tool. I found that the little bit of wine that I sometimes have with dinner doesn’t budge my BAC; that’s good peace of mind that if there should be an emergency requiring me to drive, then I can do that. I ordered this thinking that it may be good to have along at an upcoming wedding in case any concerns about guests driving home again arose- that wedding was cancelled due to the pandemic, but I found it interesting to learn about my personal use and would recommend it for that purpose. I cannot comment on accuracy, because that would actually require group data on a larger scale with additional forms of blood alcohol concentration measurement. If you need that sort of information, then watch for it in published literature. If accuracy is proven, it will show up in peer-reviewed journals. Overall its a great tool.