Multifunctional Portable Air Conditioner | Adjustable Sterilizing Cooler Purifier

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Are you tired of working and living with stuffy air that heats you up and makes it harder to breathe?

What Is The Best Portable Air Cooler

The Multifunctional Portable Air Conditioner & Adjustable Sterilizing Cooler & Purifier is a powerful yet small personal air cooler than can make working from home or in a stuffy office more pleasant. It pulls in warm air from the room through the filter in the back and leaves your space feeling cool, clean, and comfortable!

This device features a cooler, purifier, and aroma diffuser for the ultimate experience. You can also fully adjust it and control the lighting. This tiny machine will clean the air around you using Blu-ray sterilization and act as a humidifier! There are three ultra-quiet speeds, a USB power supply, and a small tank doubles as the purifier and humidifier.

Portable Air Cooler Near Me


Cool, Clean Air: Sterilize and refresh the air around you using the powerful device. It can cool a personal area about six to eight degrees. The device also runs for approximately four hours off one tank.

Adjustable Fan Speeds: Change the fan speeds to suit your needs! You can pick from low, medium, and high. Best of all, each setting is super quiet, with the highest mode still being below 81dB.

Humidifier/Atomizer: The water tank works better than a fan alone and acts as an atomizer. The unit will spray a fine mist once every five minutes for 60 seconds. Stale air will feel fresh again.

Are Portable Air Conditioners Good


Reduces Symptoms of Hay Fever: The cool, clean air can help with allergies, asthma, itchy eyes, and more. You’ll be so much happier and able to concentrate on your work and life better.

Cooling Work Area: No more hot, stuffy air! You’ll be more comfortable wherever you are and can enjoy a quick cool down in just moments.

Portable, Space-Saving: Thanks to its simple design and size, you can take this unit wherever you want! That means a cooler office, a better bedroom experience, and a pleasant night staying with friends or family. Plus, it’s so quiet no one will mind!

What Is The Best Portable Air Conditioner

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jessica O
Wonderful humidifier/cool air

I purchased this to bring cool air into my room when I’m sleeping as well as have a humidifier. The cool air is really refreshing! Setup is a breeze! I added ice then water. Set a five minute timer. It suggest two to five minutes for the filter to prime. I did the full five minutes. Plugged it in and turned it on. It made a huge difference in sleeping! I love the fact that it has a built in nightlight, with different colors to choose from!

Keeps me cool!

Super easy to set up and keeps me very cool. I have it set up on my desk!

Works amazing

This product works wonder! It’s great or a tiny area or even a big one. It has a area to put water and ice to turn it into a cold humidifier. It also has an Len light setting good to have especially if you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or anything. Super light weight I love it!

Allyson Pawlik
Love this portable mini air cooler humidifier

I love this product 100%....Perfect for campers and camping ,the other night I went from really hot to freezing cold ,I had to turn it off....Love every the carrying handle too!...Hope you all love this product just as much as I do!


this is a very cute mini air conditioner. as a gril.. I like it simple setting up ! it fits well in small room..just like regular air conditioning!

Cea. K
Works well

It's easy to use and cools the room a lot. It's best on the table. It works really well. I would recommend this to my friends.