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Think about it … it’s 15 degrees outside at night, and your HVAC unit breaks — you have no other options. Don’t freeze. Get your small and portable space heater now before it’s too late.

How Much Electricity Does A Space Heater Use

This is the best, portable, electric space heater needed for any location of your home or office. The energy saving circulating heater powers at 260 W, with PTC ceramic heating. With this sleek black matte feature, this small portable space heater can be displayed anywhere indoors: bedroom, living-room, or office. Only weighing at 0.58KG, makes for a convenient, and efficient transportation and relocation.

What Is A Space Heater


Rapid Heating: Instantly heats any location at rapid pace at the touch of a button. With the seamless feature of the buttons at the top of the small heater, displays the speed, and temperature for optimal warmth.

Multiple Protection: The air outlet guard shields your protection from overheating any surrounding items near the small heater; especially preventing any accidental skin burn from touching the device. Also, the air outlet guard will help circulate the air evenly throughout the space.

Low Noise: Most space heaters will cause disturbing noise, making it impossible to focus on anything else; but not with this small portable heater. Imagine a peaceful rest and a cozy night, all with this low noise space heater.

Digital Screen: This small space heater comes equipped with a unique digital screen, displaying the temperature for a more modern, and polished look. Not only is this eye catching for the consumer, but visually helps make it easier for the consumer to see the temperature displayed.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Space Heater


Convenient Design: The best part of this small heater, are the adjustable options where you can adjust the temperature, time, and wind power. Place the small heater indoors, and enjoy the efficient design.

Exquisite Appearance: Most traditional heaters are large, and bulky — opt-in for this small, efficient, and portable heater instead. Can be beautifully located anywhere indoors because of its sleek, and modern design.

Portable: Most people won’t bother with the thought of the portability benefit, but think about the reliability this small heater brings. This small, compact, electrical heater is so conveniently tiny, you can transport this device from not only your living space at home, but to your office.

Weight: Who wants a heavy, bulky machine that makes it impossible to relocate? This heater might be small, but it's powerful, and only weighing at 0.58KG. With the machine only weighing at 0.58KG, allows any individual to conveniently move the small heater from one room to another, seamlessly.

How Many Watts Does A Space Heater Use


  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: 260W
  • Heating Method: PTC Ceramic Heating
  • Applicable Place: Bedroom/Living Room/Office.
  • Packing: 16.6*5*8.8cm
  • Box Gauge: 55*30.5*52cm
  • Single Weight: 0.58kg
  • Bare Metal: 0.51kg/Pcs
How Much Does A Space Heater Cost To Run

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I got this for my work in Florida (!!) because we have no control over AC temp and it's freezing in here, no matter how many times we have maintenance come in (way to save the environment...)This heater was a very nice addition.Pros:- small, very easy to transport- reliable- good amount of heat- overheat protection- tipping over protection- quiet- great price Cons:- none so far. Thanks! love it!

John Hughes

This was a gift for an elderly family member to replace an old heater in a tiny bathroom, and it works perfectly. It pushes out an intense heat just where needed.


It's so adorable! Perfect for just my personal space. It was a good buy.


I've had it only a few weeks now but it does the job. I have a small full bathroom without vents in it so it's always too cold after showers in the winter. This heater is perfect for it! Very compact too so it doesn't take up space.


Great little unit, I have a small bathroom with a stall shower which gets very cold in the winter and this unit has kept it pretty toasty as long a the door is closed.


For such a small unit it really generates the right amount of heat. It’s the perfect size to place on my office desk to warm me up when the vents are blowing cold air. It’s small size also makes it easy to store out of sight at the end of the day.