Mini Portable Projector for Iphone and Android | HD 1080p Smart Projector

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Want to recreate the feel of a drive-in without a bulky projector? Our Mini Portable Projector for iPhone & Android is a 2-in-1 home entertainment device. You can cast to a T.V. or project, no projector needed. Project on a blank wall or throw up a white sheet in the backyard. Perfect for family night or camping trips!

Mini Projector

Designed for both WiFi and wired screen sharing, our compact projector is mini but mighty. It’s tiny enough to toss in your luggage but performs like a larger sized projector. Enjoy your next movie in crisp, clear HD, either in the living room or under the stars.

Mini Projectors


  • Supports 3D viewing - Enjoy an edge-of-your-seat 3D viewing experience. All you need is a 3D source and an additional purchase of 3D glasses.
  • Included Accessories - The mini portable projector comes with a tripod, remote, HDMI cable, and adapter plus, a protective carrying case. Everything you need for your next movie night!
  • Versatile Compatibility - Compatible with iPhone & Android, the Mini Portable Projector can also be connected to a laptop or T.V. stick. When WiFi is unavailable, use the HDMI cable and adapter to hard-wire the projector.
  • 2-in-1 - This 2-in-1 device both casts and projects. Enjoy in your living room or on your next camping trip!

Mini Projector For Iphone

WiFi or Wired

The included accessories let you hard-wire when WiFi isn’t available. For camping or other areas without WiFi, simply use the included adapter to connect to your phone or laptop.

Mini Led Projector

Crisp, Clear Images 

Whether you’re casting or projecting, enjoy crisp, clear images with vibrant color. This little projector supports 1080p for ultimate HD viewing.

Mini Portable Projector


  • Power: 60w
  • Projected Dimensions: 50-130 in.
  • Projection Distance: 1.23-6.77 m.
  • Optical Resolution: 854x480dpi
  • Contrast Ratio: 1,000 to 1
  • Screen Scale: 16:9
Mini Movie Projector



Mini Projector For Phone



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

We bought this projector to take with us on a sailing trip. We were initially intrigued due to the size and portability, but also felt the price was reasonable. Before we took it on our trip, we figured we would try it out (kind of thinking it would be more of a headache and mediocre novelty that would simply serve a specific, rarely used purpose) at our house. We were instantly impressed with the ease of set up, the size (it really is as small as you see on the pics!) and the quality felt better than what we expected. Our initial desire for use of the product was to project movies from our phone to the screen for movie nights for the kids while on vacay. When we started playing with the projector we realized it had further capabilities. We still haven't used all the features, but we did get it connected to our wifi and could watch anything we wanted, not just our downloaded movies, at our house via wifi. The picture quality is fantastic....wayyyyy better than expected. This would be an amazing wedding gift, graduation gift, fathers day gift, etc. I want to point that out, because unless we had a 'need' for it, I doubt we ever would have thought of buying, or even searching for, one. But this is a great gift for those who are hard to shop for.


As a long-time high school coach, I needed a small projector that projected fast-moving, bright/vivid video images, was portable, and finally was durable. After extensive online research, I found quite a few reviews both online and on YouTube for this product. However, based on the price of the item, I was a bit concerned that it would not live up to my expectations. Especially since I had never heard of this particular brand.However, I am more than pleased with this purchase and would not hesitate to recommend it to any other coaches. Furthermore, I think this would make a great projector in anyone's home for indoor or outdoor use. Simply put, it is kind of magical to get this level of top-notch technology, out of a very small device for such a reasonable price.The projector itself is extremely easy to operate and I would have been impressed enough with just the projector in the box. However, it also included a great custom-fitted hard case to include the projector, wires, and tripod. Once again, durability was one of the items on my checklist and the case is a top-quality necessity to protect my investment. It is actually not much bigger than the case that protects my headphones for road trips. As a result, I have no hesitations to carry this projector (within the protective case) on road trips.The bottom line, it is a great product and perfect for those wanting to explore the projector world without a massive financial investment. If unsure of a purchase, there are some great demos on YouTube to assist.


I am truly impressed with this burger. I use it to decorate cookies as part of my side business. It looks and feels like a high end full sized projector was miniaturized. The first thing that impressed me was the quality cable ports, my last projector, the charging port broke and then it just went down hill from there. I was nervous about the wifi of the burger after reading some reviews, but when i first powered it up, went to wifi settings, found my network, put in password, in less than a minute, it worked. Great product, I do recommend...


I've used this a handful of times and usually like it when I'm using it. as always, wish the brightness was a little better even in dark rooms, but you can see the picture pretty easily even in rooms with a light on. The sound is about as expected, so get speakers if you want top notch sound. As far as picture quality, let's be real - it's a projector. The picture is clean and crisp but no projector is going to be in 4K HD type quality. This is a good projector but projectors will not replace 4K HD tv's anytime soon. Overall, a handy little project to have for making a big screen anywhere when you want to watch something on the go.


The completeness of the entire package is impressive. The clamshell case, tripod, cables, remote control (without batteries), micro usb charger cable and adapter. Direct Wifi connection for use with Youtube built in worked flawlessly. Direct connection via HDMI was perfectly adequate. The overall image is impressive given it's size in a room without lights or windows. Obviously, the darkness the room and the quality of the projection surface and the source are factors - but in an office on a plain white wall with the lights off this thing does well. Battery life is supposed to be 1.5 hours, but that is yet to be determined. The auto keystone function works well. There are infrared lenses on the front and back so the remote should work from both sides, although I have not tested it. As others have stated, the fact that the remote is essential as there is no other way to change settings on the device without it.As far as audio, well it works adequately - what kind of audio do you expect from a device no bigger than a burger that is a PROJECTOR first, and it's role as a speaker is secondary. My advice is use the audio out on the device to your external speaker. Some reviewers say there is bluetooth, but I haven't tried it or even seen it in the settings yet to confirm. Will update later.At this point I have not tried screen mirroring or casting via android or apple as I will update on this later. I will also update on the quality and reliability of the projector in time. Battery life is supposed to be 1.5 hours, but that is yet to be determined.Overall, a definite B for overall purchase rating (this can change for worse/better in the future)


This is a good projector for the price. We used this projector outside at night and the brightness could have been better. When there are darker parts of a movie, it is a little hard to see, but easy to see otherwise. The volume is very very low. I had to use a speaker with it which helps a lot but get a loud speaker. The one we got wasn’t that loud (but louder than the projector). Don’t lose the remote otherwise you can’t access any media to play your video. Also there is only 1 usb and 1 hdmi port plus a headphone jack. I needed multiple USB ports to plug in my flash drive and speaker. We ended up using a usb hub so that we could plug more things in that needed USB ports. We also took along a back up battery pack in case the projector ran out of battery, which also needed a USB port.Overall, this is a pretty good projector. I needed one quickly so I bought this one. The good thing is that it is completely portable and wireless! Which is what I was wanting since we were watching outside, not near any outlets. You will have to download movies on a flash drive or use something that doesn’t have to connect to WiFi if doing what we did. I haven't tried it inside, maybe the brightness would be better during dark parts of a movie. The stand it comes with is nice to help it stay straight on the wall. If you don’t plan on using it for wireless/portable features, I’d recommend this one if you have a better speaker for it. However, if you are wanting it for portability, I would spend more money on a projector that lasts 4+ hours (so you can watch long movies on it without a battery pack), one that is loud (unless purchasing a speaker with it) and one that has better brightness so you can see clearly during dark parts of your movie.