Mini Bathroom Toilet Deodorizer | Negative Ion Air Purifier

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Breathing clean and fresh air is something we should have as much as we can, no matter where we are.

What Are Ions In Air Purifier

Get clean and fresh air (in any room!) with this Mini Bathroom Toilet Deodorizer. Unlike other deodorizers, this is also an air purifier as it emits negative ions into a room to purify the air and remove odors. This device even fights second hand smoke. Simply plug the small unit into a power outlet and press the power button and you’re on your way to cleaner, fresher air!

How To Clean Ion Technologies Air Purifier


Wall Plug-In: This air purifier is small and compact enough that it fits into any power outlet. No bulky units or shelf space gets taken up!

One Click Operation: Simply plug the Negative Ion Air Purifier into a power outlet, press the power button and when the green light is on, the device is working. Very easy to operate!

Intelligent Design: The internal AI chip included in our Mini Bathroom Deodorizer saves power when there is low traffic in a bathroom. This makes our product last longer for your benefit.

Anion Freshness: This air purifier, to enrich the air you, breathe emits harmless Negative Ions. It essentially breaks down harmful gases and other fine particles our eyes can’t see. The air you breathe will be fresh and clean as a result!

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Better Air Quality: Breathe in cleaner and healthier air in your bathroom. Our bathrooms can have a number of impurities in them, and this air purifier fights them off!

Better Smelling Air: The bathroom deodorizer works to eliminate foul bathroom smells and second hand smoke. Everyone will benefit from this in your bathroom.

Transportable: If air in another room needs to be improved, simply unplug the air purifier from the wall and place it in another room’s outlet. It couldn’t be any easier!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Matt M

It helped to clear my sinuses. I plugged it close to the bed. By the end of the night air in the room still smells fresh. From minuses the light is too bright for the bedroom to sleep. I had to cover it.


Very effective in purifying the air in my bedroom. I can sleep better and wake up feeling fresh and happy. Have ordered 3 more for the other rooms in my apartment.

Peter K

I bought this ionizer for the bathroom. It's discrete and noiseless, and although I can't visibly see it working (ie no moving parts), I've noticed a positive difference in cleaner feel in the bathroom. After getting this ionizer, I haven't noticed that mildew smell that sometimes happen and there's overall freshness in the air. I'm considering getting another for the kitchen area.


I recently purchased this and plugged it in next to my nightstand. It literally helps remove the negative ions in the air and I can tell I’ve been sleeping much better at night. I wake up with no headaches. It’s a great product to help keep the air clear in confined areas where we sit or sleep. I would suggest getting one for every outlet plug in the bedroom so that you’re surrounded by the negative ion affects your well-being.


I am using it to take pet orders and cigarette oders. It's doing great. I have a very small room.


Eliminate Pet odors, works perfect for rooms and kitchens.