MealGrind - Mini Electric Food Chopper | Garlic Press, Mash, Grind, Crush, Mince, & Blend

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Cooking is for many of us a passion, but having the right tools and ingredients is crucial. This is especially true when it comes to seasoning food.

Which Electric Chopper Is Best

Cut down on your food prep time and season your food with great herbs and spices with MealGrind’s Mini Electric Food Chopper! It can press, mash, grind, crunch, mince and blend pretty much any small or chopped garnish. It can even mince meat and puree pumpkin! And with its wireless design, you can take it wherever you need around your kitchen.

How To Use Electric Chopper


Wireless Design: take the mini food chopper with you anywhere around your kitchen, as there are no cords attached. It’s wireless for safety and convenience. Simply charge it via the USB charging cord included.

Easy Cleaning: When you’re finished using the electric food chopper, simply remove the blade and clean it with soap and warm water. It’s quick and easy!

Variety Of Uses: You can chop, mince, press, mash, grind, blend or crush with this one device! However you need your additions, this mini grinder can do it for you!

How To Use Electric Vegetable Chopper


All-In-One Tool: You’ll be replacing a number of other kitchen utensils and devices by purchasing this all-in-one device. Cut out the clutter and get more efficiency from your kitchen.

No Batteries: Unlike other electric kitchen utensils, this mini chopper is charged by a USB cord for wireless use. No more batteries that cost you money and make your kitchen tools heavy.

Save Time: Because this mini chopper can do pretty much anything for food prep and has super sharp and fast moving blades, you’ll notice how much more time you save cooking.

What Is The Best Electric Vegetable Chopper

How To Use:

  1. Cut and chop ingredients into small pieces before using the masher.
  2. The cutter is very sharp. Do not let children use it.
  3. Keep the Mini Garlic Grinder away from high temperatures and heat sources. Do not put in a microwave, oven or dishwasher.
  4. Wash chopper with water after each use. Remove blade and dry it before reassembling and next use.
Is A Food Chopper The Same As A Food Processor

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x MealGrind - Mini Electric Food Chopper
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Finally i can find a “real” chopper, i have used a lot of choppers before but this is exactly what i need for my small kitchen. I use it everyday, it saves me a lot of time of preparation and cleaning knife and cutting board. It has a lid on top to prevent the food from contacting with motor, very easy to clean.


Really easy to use. I tested it out by making myself some plant grounds. It doesn't hold a whole lot because it is a tiny food processor but it is definately worth it. Really handy for small taco prep too! Highly recommend.

Carrie N

I needed something that my teens could use without it being complicated or a lot of parts. This little cutter is perfect! The cordless factor makes it nice for when there are a lot of us in the kitchen working at the same time, we even took it camping. It cleans up nicely as well. Highly recommend


I was so tired to dragging out my big chopper to cut up half an onion or a couple of cloves of garlic. This little jewel takes care of those small jobs and then the dirty parts pop right in the dishwasher. I even chopped up a can of whole tomatoes to make tomato sauce the other day. It has plenty of power for those small jobs and keeps a charge for a long time.

Akshay Kumar

Very nice product. Easy to use. I would recommend this product.


I got a new improved model, works great. I recommend it for small jobs to get the job done.