MarsHydro - 2 in 1 Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent

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Achieving the optimal conditions for plant growth is never an easy task in a home, especially when space is at a premium.

MarsHydro’s 2 in 1 Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent is the perfect indoor solution for those of us who love their plants and want to create the ideal environment for them to grow. The tent is made from thick canvas and a lining that preserves not only the perfect temperature but also light conditions. There are 3 internal sections of the tent for plants in various stages of growth and the heavy-duty zippers seal everything in perfectly.

How To Raise Humidity In Grow Tent


1680 D Canvas: The canvas used for this hydroponic tent is thick and durable. It’s perfect for keeping the conditions inside the tent in an optimal range, and outside influences out.

Diamond Mylar Lining: The inner lining is made from a 99% reflective diamond mylar lining which is great for increasing light intensity inside the tent. This enhances the growth of your plants.

Multi Zone Tent: The hydroponic tent has 3 internal zones for you to use at once. A Germination Room, a Vegetable Room and a Blooming Room.

How To Increase Humidity In Grow Tent


Healthier Plants: The conditions created inside this tent are optimal for plant growth. Your plants will much be happier and healthier in it.

Mesh Windows: You can check on the progress of your plants by looking in the mesh windows. This way you won’t disturb their growth.

Tool Pouch Attachment: On the side of the tent is a handy tool pouch. Store the tools you need conveniently with the tent.

How To Set Up A Grow Tent

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Hydroponics Grow Tent
  • 1 x Set Metal Frames
  • 1 x Assembly Instruction
  • 1 x Floor Tray And 2 Nylon Straps

How To Lower Humidity In Grow Tent

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I love this tent.. It takes some adjusting to keep good air flow and temperature regulated as you are the environments “Mother Nature”.. Kind of reminds me of maintaining an aquarium.. Just with air instead of water.. Be prepared to control air flow and Humidity.. But if ya got the right setup, once you have it adjusted, it will sustain constantly.. With the use of Water Spikes, I only have to open mine once a week to water..


Great product and company. Set it up but have not yet used it yet.. I really like it seems to be of good quality and does not smell like plastic. or chemicals. Like others I had seen . I Highly recommend it.


I just put together this tent. The instruction could be improved, but it was easy to figure out. The quality is worth my money, sturdy solid thick material.

Alicia Lawson

Our plants got too big before we could get them into it, but we are now using it to dry our harvest. Its so well sealed, that with a simple vent exhaust to a nearby window, there is ZERO smell inside the house.Hoping to use it over the winter with a grow light to get some seeds starting.Really decent construction, I was able to assembly by myself, though it took some effort to get the cover onto the frame with one person. lol. The cover material is impressively thick, nice smooth zippers, and so many vent sleeves for cords or exhaust tunnels.An excellent investment for the home cannabis grower!


Came quick. Easy to put together. Bigger then I expected but still like it. Would definitely recommend buy this one.

Mandy S

I am so excited to start this journey! The set up was super easy! They have everything labeled so just follow the instructions. There is so much space. Right now I’m just at the vegging stage but i can’t wait for my babies to grow so I can clone . So much space to do it all! Everytbing is well thought out. Lights will not make its way into it during my babies sleep cycle!