Inflatable Island Water Pool With Water Slide

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How do you cool off, beat the heat, and have some good old-fashioned summer fun? An island splash pool with a water slide! Your kids will have hours of fun to keep cool in the summer.

Kids Inflatable Pool With Slide

When it’s hot in the summer months, it can be hard to cool down. The Inflatable Island Splash Pool With Water Slide is the best hot weather toy to get you cool quickly and  have fun while you do it. This splash pool is loaded with extra features. Besides the water slide, there is a palm tree that sprinkles water, along with some fun inflatable animal toys, a finishing rod, and underwater cartoon animal pictures. It all makes for great water island adventure. This splash pool will keep your kids and their friends cool as they play, learn, and have fun for hours in your backyard!

Children's Pool


Large Size Pool: This splash pool is 86 x 74 x 39in (218 x 188 x 99cm), so it is large enough for several kids to sit down, splash around, and cool off.

Sprinkler Sprayer: The pool’s palm tree has a spray hole that creates a water sprinkler, shooting water upward and giving another way to cool down.

Water Slide, Animals, & Island Features: Your kids can pretend they are on an adventure island with lots of cute animals as they splash around and use the slide to splash into the water.

Easy Setup: It only takes about 15 minutes to assemble and set up the splash pool: inflate it, connect the water, fill the pool, and get the water sprinkler spraying.

High-quality Materials: The splash pool is made from two outer layers of PVC combined with a layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement. The materials are environmentally safe, durable, resist wear, and reduce the risk of a puncture during play.

Electrical Safety Feature: The splash pool has a built-in ground fault interrupt circuit that stops electric current if in contact with water.

Plastic Kiddie Pool


Go On An Island Adventure: This feature-filled pool toy lets kids use their imagination to go on a pretend island adventure. Toddlers can splash around with the cute animals, zip down the slide, get squirted by the palm tree, and keep cool!

Slide, Spray, & Play The Whole Day: Setting up the splash pool only takes a few minutes and you’ll quickly have it ready for little adventurers to hop in and get splashed and sprinkled, keeping cool for hours on hot summer days.

Fun With The Whole Family & Friends: The splash pool is great fun for everyone in the family, from toddlers to Mom and Dad! Invite the neighbors over for a backyard splash party. You’ll have hours of fun and relief from then summer’s heat! Invite the neighbors over for even more cooldown fun!

Beat The Heat Anywhere That Has A Faucet: The splash pool is lightweight and easy to transport to any place with a water faucet and electrical outlet. Deflate it and you can compact it down and bring it to your neighbor’s house, to Grandpa and Grandma’s, to the park, or the next backyard party.

Kiddie Pool With Slide


  • Material: PVC
  • Product size: 218cm X 188cm X 99cm
  • Appropriate for: Swimming and wading
Inflatable Kiddie Pool With Slide

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Alexia Cadatal
Easy to bump, durable and fun

Great addition to your backyard fun, it has rain shower and inflatable slide so the kids could be active without getting too much sun burn. Easy to inflate using garden hose and electric airbump. My kids won’t leave the pool even they are turning blue. I use this playset in tandem with another pool to create a continuous playground.

Katheryn Duval
I feel like I'm in an Island, Mom!

My girls and I have been loving the pool this week! The pool is bigger than I expected from the product pictures, we've had several other kids play in it and it wasn't too crowded. I love that there are little toys for my baby. My daughter says "I feel like I'm in an island!!" 10/10 would recommend! :)

Just as advertised

I have a 2yr old and it’s perfect size all around. It holds enough water for her to sit and it reaching her waist. It has sprinklers on the palm tree. All in all I recommend it specially during these hot 🥵 days!

Brie Davis
Big hit with the baby!

The slide was probably only thing difficult to inflate and even that wasn’t so bad! The sprinkler is probably the best part!! The extra inflatables didn’t really serve us any use but they were adorable pieces. Maybe when the baby gets a little older he’ll want to play the fishing rod too. Overall, completely worth the buy!!

Mary Allen
So much Fun!!

It was difficult locating a pool that had all the things I needed: heavy-duty material; quality construction; sprinkling things coming out of the sides; not huge and not a splash pad. A real kiddie pool with these things. What I got is so much more. Grandpa was able to get in there with our 4 yr. old G'baby and that was a first. The slide was loved but not used much as there were so many other fun things to grab her attention. Since I only used it this one weekend, I am sure she will discover more elements of the pool over the summer. What a great fun interactive toy this is! She spent two solid days in it. I don't usually review things 5 minutes after I have used them, but I felt the need to do this ASAP as summer this year should be a blast, after 2020, we all need this kind of fun. So I'm reviewing immediately so you can all get yours by summer.

Justin Reed
Great kiddy pool for toddlers. Make sure to inflate at the right temperature.

Got this for our almost three year old, it was very easy to inflate and set up. The first time when I inflate it, it was around noon when temperature was highest, and by night time and next morning palm tree section deflated (pool side a little too) because of temperature drops. Temperature matters when considering air volume. So I inflated it again when temperature is moderate (mid morning when it’s not too hot or cold) and it has stayed up ever since. For those who had issues of the palm tree deflated, the changes in temperature could be the reason why. My son loves it, his friend loves it, they had a blast. They sat in the pool rims bouncing and it stayed up without water spilling out. I would recommend as others have, purchase a tent to keep the bugs and dirt out.