Hydroponics Nutrients Germination System | Smart Indoor Garden Kit with LED Grow Lights

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No matter how black or green your thumb, this indoor grow kit takes the guesswork out of gardening. If you have to be away from home, the water system and automatic timer will keep your plants thriving in your absence. The transparent base allows the plants to absorb every bit of light from the full-spectrum LED lights.

Hydroponics Systems For Beginners


  • Smart Water Circulation - The smart circulation system keeps the water from growing stagnant. So, plants get fresh, oxygen-rich water for superior growth.
  • Automatic Timers - The automatic timers make this grow kit easy to use. Every 16 hours, the LED lights automatically shut off.
  • Full Spectrum LED - Your plants will get the benefits of full-spectrum LED light. The transparent base lets every part of the plants absorb the light.
Complete Indoor Hydroponic Grow System

Compact Size 

Don’t let limited space limit your gardening dreams. This mini garden with adjustable height can fit in the smallest of spaces.

Plant Protection

The built-in water pump keeps your plants well hydrated while you’re away. And, the water scale lets you see at a glance when you need to refill, making this grow kit basically foolproof.

Zero Soil

Without soil, there’s less mess and fewer pests. Plus, hydroponics grows stronger, taller plants.

Cheap Hydroponic System


  • Adjustable height: 6.7 - 15.7 inches
  • Maximum water capacity: 2.5L
  • Number of planting baskets: 10
  • Power: 10W
  • Voltage: 12V/1.5A

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews

I bought this growing system as a holiday gift. It's easy enough to set up and worked with varying success. Some of our seeds sprouted right away, but some ultimately did not and we had to replant. Also, the sponges don't have much depth in the top where you're supposed to plant the seeds. This doesn't matter much for all of the herbs we planted, but for some that are more fragile, like our dill, they started to droop over because they weren't planted deep enough. Overall, it's much cleaner than a traditional pot/planter setup.

Phil M

Why did I wait this long? This is exactly what I need during the pandemic. I can grow my own vegis without the need of going to the grocery store. This is a no brainer. Plus, I know exactly what is in my food! I know that I am eating clean; ZERO pesticides!An organic food store on my countertop! What more could I ask for! I love love love this! Wish I bought sooner. Very easy installation!

AZ Shopper

Really lovely simple hydroponic system that comes with a great manual which is really really helpful if you’re new to growing veggies or seeds hydroponically.The manual is clear easy to read and just really well laid out, so don’t skip reading it because you will definitely want to read the manual. It’s not something that you can just plug in turn on and see great results without following the instructions. But like I said before the manual is really good. So that’s tip number one and the other most important tip I think is to make sure that you don't add too much water. Stay below the max allowed and you’ll be good.Anyway worth the purchase if you’d like to try out what hydroponics are all about. Also just a pretty pleasant looking item in terms of home decoration especially after some plants have grown. So all the best and happy growing!


Great product so far! The height of the light definitely will give plants enough room to grow without burning the tops. Began sowing the seeds upon receipt because the setup was extremely simple.Can imagine herbs will grow great in winter time, skeptical on larger plants like tomatoes only due to size but will give it a test! White is very sleek.

Cheryl C

Super excited to start using this hydroponics grower! I've always wanted to grow my own herbs but have just been too lazy - this is honestly the perfect solution. The instructions are clear and simple. I'm excited to have some fresh basil for my summer salads with minimal effort. The design is nice and sleek too, and the white one looks beautiful and fits well with the rest of my decor. Will update with more photos later!

Hayley Rodriguez

The unit comes with everything except the seeds. I had plenty so I was ready to go and started growing my flowers right away. It is amazing to see the little leaves show up in just a few days. So far, so good. I have plenty of new starts and they look so healthy. The unit is automatic and regulates the lights and pump. Since I've never been able to grow anything from seed, seeing this success is a real joy.