Height Adjustable Standing Laptop Desk | Ergonomic Desk Mount TV Dinner Tray

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Working from home was like a dream come true until you the back and neck pain started. Eliminate neck, shoulder, and back fatigue with the Height Adjustable Standing Laptop Desk. With two separate panels, you can adjust your laptop and mouse so they are within easy reach. Designed with your comfort in mind, this desk can also be used as a TV dinner tray.

Home Standing Desk

Do your work from the comfort of your bed or chair without sacrificing your posture. This laptop desk adjusts in three ways: 11 inches in height, 360-degree swivel, and 180 degrees of rotation. The stand and panels stay secure in every position, plus it’s on wheels so you can easily move your desk from room to room.


  • Caster Wheels - If you get tired of doing your work in one spot, then the desk will go where you go. It easily moves around the house with the included rolling casters.
  • 3 Methods of Adjustment - Adjust the height from 24 to 35.5 in. The desk surface rotates on the stand a full  360°, while the two trays both rotate 180° so you can position your laptop however is most comfortable for you.
  • Sturdy & Safe - The H-frame feet keep the desk and your computer sturdy and secure. Plus, edge guards keep your laptop from sliding off when you angle the tray.
  • Folding Tray for Easy Storage - When not in use, the two-paneled tray folds flat so the entire stand can be tucked away. With the tray down, it’s slim enough to slide between a piece of furniture and the wall.


Cheap Standing Desk

Multiple Uses 

This desk is not just for schoolwork or answering emails. You can also use it as a T. V. tray, tablet holder, or writing desk.

Ergonomic Design

Typing with our wrists at the wrong angle can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome and other joint issues. And, when we look down at our laptop screen, we strain our neck and shoulders. This adjustable desk solves all those issues while still allowing you to skip working at a traditional desk.


  • Color: Black
  • Metal frame MDF thickness:15mm /0.59"
  • Overall size: 600 (395 +205 ) x 345 x600 ~ 900mm /23.6"(15.5"+8") x 13.6"x24"~35.5"
  • Weight Capacity: 20kgs/44LB

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews

We've bought a couple of other rolling laptop desks and thought they were pretty cool. This one beats them all! It is adjustable to both sides and has a lower profile on the bottom, meaning that it can be pulled underneath chairs that are lower to the ground. The laptop sits on it securely at any angle. The design is very functional and the manufacturing quality is good. My only wish would be that the mouse holder could be separately adjusted. Oh well. It's still the best so far.

Claire Lyn

Got this for my dad after surgery for his recovery. But we didn't put it together until way after he recovered ...HOWEVER, after hurricane harvey, my parents moved to the second floor of their house, where they are still living while waiting for renovations to be done on 1st floor. His old trusty recliner side table was ruined, and one night he put this together. He adores it and I'm not even sure he'll replace the side table when they move back to first floor. The height-adjustable ness as well as the ability to roll it under the chair has made it very useful and much appreciated.


Let me start by saying, I own about 8 laptop desks in all different shapes and sizes. This is the absolute best one I have. It is very sturdy, and the top desk is adjustable so that I can type without bending my wrists. It also have a small lip at the bottom to hold the laptop, but I actually love it because I can rest my thumb there while using the mousepad. It is so comfortable. I usually sit on the couch at night and go through all my emails, and I roll the desk legs under the couch and it is the perfect height. It also has a smaller table to hold a drink or when my granddaughter is over, she uses it to hold her iPad!Do not think twice about purchasing it - you will not be disappointed.


Our elderly person with limited mobility frequently moves among various seating arrangements--bed to sofa to chair to wheelchair--where she wants access to to her i-pad. The stand table easily moves and adjusts to all her locations. Our second unit moves handily around from place to place for normal Mac G-4 use.

Elizabeth Vargas

Ok I'm a gadget freak but I always have ergonomic issues when I'm working out of my house. I searched high and low for a desk that fit my chair and Voila !!!... I finally found the perfect laptop desk for my chair! It was easy to assemble, arrived on time and adjusts to your height and chair. I would recommend this product to anyone who is constantly working on their lab top.


I am very pleased with the level of quality. I bought this after having neck surgery in the middle of my online summer course. It's perfect. The edge that catches the laptop is perfect and doesn't get it the way. I keep it flat to eat off of. It is very sturdy and adjustable. I would warn if you are weak in the hands or have arthritis, it would be difficult to snap and unsnap the locks. I was very weak the first few days after surgery and needed help, but now I can do it myself. This has been a lifesaver and I will continue using even after my recovery. I like that the little table is lower, perfect for keeping a drink and my meds in reach. Most people probably use it for their mouse, but I just use the one already built into my laptop. The table is very sturdy and there is absolutely no wobbling. Another note, the wheels roll just great on my carpet. I have had no problems with this table one bit! Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship!