Fireproof Small Digital Safe Box with Key

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Keeping your valuables safe in your home shouldn’t be shoving them in the bottom draw of a desk or drawer. So what can you do to keep your most valuable items safe from not only theft, but fire too?

Getting your hands on a Fireproof Small Digital Safe Box (with key) is the best thing you can do to ensure your most treasured items and important confidential documents are kept safe from theft and unfortunate fire accidents. Made from thick alloy steel, this digitally programmed safe box will keep those valuables safe forever.

Are Safe Deposit Boxes Fireproof

The safe is small enough that it can be wall mounted and hidden, or simply fit on a shelf. It’s easy to program with your unique code and reset and if the code is lost, simply use the safe keys included. Get peace of mind today, and know that your most valued items and documents are safe from intruders and fire with the Fireproof Small Digital Safe Box (with key).

What Is A Safe Deposit Box


Small & Compact: This safe box is small and compact and designed to be easily placed on a shelf. Or, for the spy movie enthusiasts among us, the safe is small and compact enough to be placed in a wall and covered by artwork!

Strong Steel Design: Like all good safes, this one is made from tough alloy steel. It’s fireproof also. No one can get your valuables except you and they can’t be damaged by fire either!

Easily Programmable: The safe is easy to program and reprogram at later dates. The instruction book (included) outlines this process, but there are no complicated instructions for the set up.

Professional Quality At Home: With the steel alloy construction and digital keypad access, get professional quality security right in your own home.

What Is The Best Fireproof Safe For Home Use

Benefits Of The Fireproof Small Digital Safe Box with Key:

Peace Of Mind: Stop using your sock drawer, desk draw… whatever draw and start using professional quality security for your valuables and important documents you cannot afford to have stolen or lost in a fire.

Strong, But Light: We made this safe with security in mind, not backbreaking weight. Constructed with state-of-the-art alloy steel, this small and compact safe is light, yet strong!

Digital & Key Access: Know that should the batteries expire or the security code be forgotten overtime, there is always secret key access into the safe.

What Are Fireproof Safes Made Of


  • Safe Size (Outer): 17cm H x 23cm L x 17cm W
  • Safe Size (Interior): 15cm H x 21cm L x 15cm W
  • 2 Emergency Keys
  • Power: 4 x AA Batteries 1.5V
  • Color: Black
  • Lock Type: Electronic and key
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 6.75lbs
What To Look For In A Fireproof Safe

How To Use:

Opening Safe:

  1. Press code numbers on keypad
  2. Press E button on keypad to enter
  3. Turn knob clockwise to open

Programming Code:

  1. Press red button in interior of safe
  2. Press new code number on keypad
  3. Press E button on keypad to confirm

Using Emergency Keys:

  1. Remove the cover of hidden lock (located right of opening knob)
  2. Insert key
  3. Turn knob anti-clockwise
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ginger H.
Does what it should.

Nice little lock box. Attached to the wall or floor easily.

Rebecca D. Wilson
Nice and secure

Nice box. Havent bolted it down yet, but plan to.

Robert Garner
Good Overall

I see a lot of reviews complaining its too small but for me its perfect. I mean it literally says on the description that its a SMALL safe box and even has the size chart on the store page, maybe everyone should read the descriptions and see if it fits. If you wanted a bigger box, you should have bought a bigger one. For me I only needed to keep documents and some cash so it fits pretty well for me, overall 5 stars.

Paulo R. Crestani Jr.

I've been saying 'forever' that I need a small safe to put a few valuable items I have like passport, birth certificates, coins and jewelry too. I saw this one that had great reviews and decided to go with it. It did not disappoint me! It came with everything shown - 2 mounting bolts, 2 keys and the 4 batteries necessary to set up a 3-8 digit PIN code. Setting up the code was super simple by following the enclosed instructions and works like a charm. I'm going to give my adult daughter one of the keys since I always lose things...There are 2 pre-drilled holes on both the bottom and back side of the safe itself. Again, this was super simple to do. I decided to mount it to the floor as I feel like it is better secured that way vs. the wall.I think this was well worth it for the price. It is exactly what I was looking for to secure a few valuable items in the event my home was ever broken into.I am going to recommend this to my adult daughters and a few friends that are also thinking of getting a small closet safe for a few small items.


Just as advertised. Nice and very simple to setup.

Avery N. Smith

I needed to protect valuable paperwork and other items. It does the job.