Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves | Outdoor Night Gloves

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Working in the dark, especially if it’s a job that requires close attention and dexterity, can be next to impossible. Holding a light is easier said than done also, especially if you’re alone. 

 But what if you could get gloves with lights on them? You know, almost like the spies and action film stars have. Well, now you can with our Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves. Working outside at night, in a blackout or in situations where there is little or no light is now a breeze! After slipping them on, you’ll get bright and precise white light from the knuckle joints of your thumbs and index fingers to get the job done right! They’re waterproof, flexible and you gets loads of hours of usage with each round of batteries. Get out of your next emergency safely with Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves.

Fingerless Led Flashlight Gloves
Led Flashlight Multipurpose Glove


Flexible, Breathable Fabric: The gloves are made to be flexible and breathable, so they won’t slip or slide on you in even the most stressful situations.

Great Light Placement: By placing the LED lights on the thumb and index finger knuckles joints on either hand, the lights will always shine in the correct place, leaving you to focus on the task at hand.

Hours Of Usage: Using AA batteries, you’ll get up to 168 hours of power for each glove. They won’t start to fade on you mid job with that sort of power!

Fingerless Outdoor Led Flashlight Gloves


Great For Any Emergency: The LED gloves are great for any emergency situation that is dark and unsafe without light. Remember, these gloves are waterproof too!

No More Bulky Flashlights: Having the lights on your hands allows you more convenient dexterity. No more holding a torch in one hand while fumbling around with the other.

One Size Fits Most: Anyone can use these in emergency situations, as one size fits most. No need for multiple pairs.

Led Flashlight Outdoor Glove
Fingerless Led Flashlight Waterproof Glove

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Better than what I expected

I purchased 6 of these, one for every man in my immediate family. They thought it was funny at first and a joke, but they have used them and said how much they appreciate having them now. They come in very handy and work great!

Cool, fun “gloves”

These let off more light than you think so they can help guide you at night. They’re fun to wear so I’m getting a few more for family members.Good for Halloween.Oh, haven’t used them to fix or find anything but I don’t see why they wouldn’t work.

Not just for the guys!

I give them two thumbs up and five stars.

They will come in handy, I just know it!

Finally found a gift for my husband that he couldn’t guess what it was and he really got a kick out of it! At first he thought the gloves were kind of a joke, but when I told him I thought they would be great for the travel trailer for those late night hook ups, or just to keep handy in the car when we traveled. He admitted they might be useful after all but he still has fun showing them off and laughing. Just wait until he really needs them...

Very helpful gloves

Bought these for my husband for Christmas thinking he might use them once in awhile, he really likes them and uses them all the time from everything to working on equipment to barbecuing. Very happy with this purchase and I will be getting another set to keep in the camper.

2 thumbs up

I bought these for my husband. He has used them for camping, fixing things, and says he can’t wait to use them for bow hunting. He wants another pair now. Definitely would recommend these and will be buying him another pair to keep with his hunting supplies