Cooling Dog Bed | Cold Summer Pet Mat

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Dog Beds That Keep Dogs Cool


Durability: With its durable design, this mat will stand up to some rough treatment. It can be placed in your pet's bed, on the couch or even in a car seat... wherever it will help your pet feel refreshed and comfortable.

Moisture Wicking Technology: The mat absorbs and releases moisture to keep your pet cool and dry. Soft chignon, high-quality material and fine workmanship make our product comfortable to touch, non-slip and weather resistant.

Available in Small, Medium and Large Sizes: Cooling Mat comes in three sizes. Size: S--50*40cm/M--60*50cm/L--70*55cm

Dog Bed Cooling Pad


Three Layer Fabric: Three-layer mat includes a cooling surface fabric, a fill cotton layer and mesh backing to provide extra comfort for your pets when sleeping.

Temperature Moderation: The cooling surface moderates temperature by absorbing your pet’s body heat so that they can feel cool throughout the night in the hot summer.

Packable: The mat can be used on its own through the day or as an additional layer of bedding at night to provide additional temperature control and comfort. It is lightweight and portable, and also functions as a travel mat in cars chairs or pet carriers.

Cooling Pet Bed For Dogs


  • Material: 75% Nylon, 25% Chinlon
  • Color: Blue

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
amit Ved

It is a warm summer and I have a black lab.Molly was leaving her bed to lay down in the floor and would still pant. Now, I use as a cover for her bed and she lays on top of it. She stopped panting and she seems more relaxed. She no longer moves all night trying to escape the heat. The fabric is so comfortable and cool that I wish there was a version for humans.


Dog adores it. Drags it around to lay on.


This mat is nothing fancy but it definitely feels cool to the touch and helped keep my dog cooler.

Regina M

This mat feels cool to the touch! I bought this to bring some comfort for my thick-coated senior pet this summer.I bought AKC cooling mats at the same time, but I’m returning those. This mat costs less and works.


This product is EXACTLY what we were hoping to get for our big dog! We place it over his cushy, soft winter bed for softness. It fits perfectly and stays cool ALL THE TIME! Our dog appears to love it. He needs it here in our "hot desert area", and we couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.


I was surprised it was so large . It really does feel cool. Looks like it is made well.