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Fruits and vegetables are important for a healthy diet, but they need to be clean!

How To Wash Fruit

Clean your fruit and vegetables without fuss with Casa’s Double Layer Flip Strainer. Remove the worry of unclean fruit and veg in your cooking as you can now prepare them hygienically with this strainer. Use the strainer layer as a draining bed for fruit and veg while you cook so they won’t retain water, or flip it into a full container to thoroughly rinse them. You’ll ditch all your old strainers and colanders in a flash when you get this revolutionary kitchen aid from Casa.

Vinegar Fruit Wash


Free Standing: Other colanders and strainers need to be in a kitchen sink. This strainer has its own water catchment area, so you can take it anywhere you need.

Fashionable Colors: The strainer comes in contrasting soft pink and white colors, making it a cute addition to your kitchen collection.

Flip Lid: In the closed lid function, the strainer acts an strainer basket. With the lid down, you can rest fruit and veg down so water drains off them into the catchment area.

Kitchen Tool


Save Time: Instead of going back and forth to the sink where your old colander used to be, now you can have it by your side!

Cleaner Food: It’s important to eat healthy food, but they must be hygienic too! Some stores don’t practice good hygiene, but this strainer will help defend your health from unclean fruit and veg!

Convenient Storage: The strainer is easy to store and with its lid feature, you can store other items in it to save kitchen space.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Wendy McCaughn
Super convenient, perfect size for small families

I absolutely adore this double-layer rotatable strainer. It's so easy to wash my veggies now, I can do it all one handed holding my baby on my hip and it's a breeze!The colander rotates easily as I tip the container to drain. While the instructions say not to tip past 90 degrees, I've done so just to test it out and had no problems as a result. In other words, the colander portion does not fall out of you accidentally tip the bowl it's in a little too far. This is not a finicky kitchen item, which is really important to me. I cook fast and don't have time to fiddle around. This strainer keeps up with me. It also survived a few days of my toddler banging it around and is none the worse for wear. Nice and sturdy.The color is beautiful, the design is top notch. My only complaint is I'd love to see a variety of sizes, ideally nesting sizes. Give us more! I can see bigger families needing a larger size.

Peggy Chan
Perfect marriage of form and function - I use it ALL the time

I honestly bought this because of how it looked, but it quickly turned into the colander I reach for most often. It has even supplanted my salad spinner because it does just as good a job (provided I leave enough time for sufficient drip-drying) and is soooo much easier to clean. It's not terribly large.What I Like:-- the design. It's really attractive and it works very simply and works very well-- the colors are so nice-- storing it is easy. it nests in mixing bowls-- it is superb for berries and grapes -- super easy to clean. A couple of things to note:-- it's not huge, but it is sufficient enough to hold the leaves from whole heads of lettuce, the cut florets from a whole cauliflower, same from a couple of stems of broccoli, a pound of Brussels sprouts, etc. The bottom line: I love everything about this colander - it is the perfect marriage of form and function in my opinion. I wish more kitchen products were designed like this one

Kay Flesner
Very nice looking and useful!

Great design! It makes food washing much easier, and looks clean and modern. Nice product makes rinsing vegetables so much easier. The handling feels so good due to the silicone texture. Dishwasher safe is a great plus, makes it quite convenient for cleaning. A solid 5 out of 5!

Jennifer Lynn

Where has this been all my life?! I cook for just myself and a small child so the size is perfect! This is exactly what I've been needing to drain off the grease from hamburger meat without making a huge mess. I could give it 6 stars for this reason alone. All in all this is a very nice, sturdy product and does not seem cheaply made at all. I highly recommend.I ordered the blue and loved the bright vibrant color.

great product

I always wanted a colander with a bowl (or a box? lol it's square) so that I don't need to set it in the sink to drain. The handle is quite sturdy and easy to hold. The colander is over 2qt volume and perfect for the daily use. The rotation design make it quite convenient for pasta/noodle straining. You can even control the volume of liquid left.

Shannon L.
Pretty and easy to use

Good material and quality, color is really fresh and pretty! Easy to assemble and use, tilting is stable, and easy to clean too.