Bagnest | Inflatable Mattress Cushion Sleeping Bag Mat With Pillow

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If you love camping but don’t love waking up with a sore back and neck from sleeping on the hard ground, those days (and nights) are over.

 Most sleeping pads provide some cushion but don’t keep you as comfortable as you’d like. A sore back or neck can drain the fun out of camping, especially if you’re backpacking. The Bagnest Inflatable Mattress provides the comfort you need without paying a price in weight and pack space. Even better, this durable mattress features a built-in inflatable pillow so you don’t have an extra piece of gear to pack (or lose).

Best Sleeping Bags With Pillow


Easy To Set Up And Stow: A two-valve system allows fast inflation with one valve and deflation within a second with the other. Rolled up, the mattress fits into a stuff sack the size of a 1-liter water bottle, so it takes up little room inside a pack.

 Ultralight: Most inflatable mattresses that offer similar cushions are much thicker and weigh well over 1 kg (2.2 lbs). This one checks in at just 500 grams (1.1 lb), allowing you to move faster and more comfortably once that pack is on.

 Durable And Waterproof: The last thing you need when camping is a flat air mattress. Tough 40D nylon protects from leaks and tears and doesn’t absorb water. That durability also means it can support heavier loads than you’d expect: up to 150 kg (330 lbs).

Best Sleeping Bags With Pillow


Comfortable And Insulating: Whether you sleep on your side or your back, the mattress and pillow feature an ergonomic design that maximizes comfort so you won’t wake up with a stiff back or neck. That means you’ll sleep better as well. The multi-layer interior helps insulate you from cold ground beneath the pad and your sleeping bag.

Versatile: All this comfort and durability aren’t just for camping. With how easy this mattress is to set up, stow, and carry, you can use it almost anywhere, like relaxing at the beach, lounging in the backyard, enjoying a picnic, and more!

Camping Sleeping Bag


  • 75 X 23 In, 2 In Thick (190 X 58 X 5 cm)
  • 500 Grams (1.1 lbs)
  • Storage Sack Is 8.7 X 3.5 In (22 X 9 cm)
Children's Sleeping Bags

    How To Use:

    1. Unroll
    2. Open the 1st valve and inflate with 5-10 breaths
    3. Deflate in 1 second with the 2nd valve
    4. Roll up and store in carrying sack
    Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Shannon Hutson
      Amazing bang for your buck!

      AWESOME! would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who is considering purchasing a sleeping pad for camping purposes.

      Dhawal Kabra

      In an effort to save space in my bedroom, I transitioned from a traditional bed to a hammock about 15 years ago. I highly recommend this !

      Rob Winger
      satisfied with my purchase

      The quality and size of it for the price is a great value and I'm looking forward to getting more use out of it.

      Great for backpacking

      I'll definitely recommend this

      Excellent purchase. Highly recommend.

      I bought this because I sleep in my car a lot and plan to start car camping on weekends this summer. I bought a cheap sleeping bag liner at Walmart and just stuff them both inside and it solved that problem easy.Affordable, easy, intuitive, adjustable and comfortable! Love it! Would buy again!

      Dov Kawamoto
      Worked great for me!

      Bought this to be a cot pad/cushion. Have used several times now in hotels only for one of my kids to sleep on. The quality and construction to me seems to be above average, and is verging on exceptional. I really don’t have any dislikes. I would absolutely recommend this to others!! If I find myself in need of another one, then I will search for this same one.