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There’s a famous saying that, “it’s never too early to start a child’s education!” Through toys and play, this can be accomplished for any baby and now there’s an answer to both.

Thick Baby Play Mat

The Baby Activity Gym is the perfect development and educational play mat for any baby to enjoy and pass the time away. They’ll love seeing the bright colors, adorably cute animals and sounds from the novelty piano! And with the soft padded mat surface, they’ll even enjoy a nap when they get tuckered out. This Baby Activity Gym is super easy to set up, safe and lightweight.

Baby Play Mat With Piano


Plenty Of Activities: Your baby will love the colorful animal rattles, cartoon mirror and toy piano. There are plenty of little things for them to enjoy and pass the time away.

Comfortable Mat: The brightly colored and soft foam mat makes for a great play space for you baby. They can even sleep on it when they tire of playing.

Easy To Charge: Because the toy piano attachment needs power for the fun sounds to be played, this Baby Activity Gym has a USB connection for quick and efficient charging. You may also use AA batteries (not included in purchase).

Play Mat For Crawling Baby


Early Education: Get your child’s education off to an early start with this Activity Gym. It’s never too early for them to learn while having fun.

Dual Purpose: While the Baby Activity Gym was designed to be fun entertainment, the mat attachment means it can also double as a comfy baby bed.

Safety Conscious: The Baby Activity Gym was manufactured with your baby’s safety at the forefront. This is a safe product and it won’t fall on them.

Waterproof Baby Play Mat


  • Material: Eco-Friendly ABS/PP Plastic+Cloth pad
  • Power Mode: 3 x AA Battery (not included)
  • Size: 76 x 56 x 43cm/30 x 22 x 17''
  • Package Size: 48.5 x 9.5 x 30cm
  • Package Weight: 780g
Best Play Mats For Babies

How To Use:

  1. Install piano panel on the bracket as shown here.
  2. Attach padded mat to the base of the bracket as shown.
  3. Insert the arch into the round holes on either side of the bracket to complete setup.
Are Baby Activity Gyms Necessary Baby Play Mat Tummy Time

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Logan. Kelly
Worth the bright colors

If you're like me, you look for neutral baby items that look nice in your house.  I have specifically chosen nearly every baby thing to make sure it doesn't completely ruin the decor and that my house isn't totally baby-fied.  Unfortunately, this will not fit that criteria.  I have seen many people's pictures with this toy, people requesting this for showers, on Facebook garage sale sites, etc. and I really tried to avoid buying it because of the colors (silly, sure, but I know there are other moms like me!) HOWEVER, I'm here to tell you it is so totally worth the primary color nightmares.  Your baby will love this!  My son interacts with this play mat so much more than he did with my beautiful, white cloud mat that I paid double for (and then ended up buying this anyway).  The piano is great, he loves kicking around down there, and the bright toys catch his attention so much more than the white/pastel colored ones.  I'm not sure how I became the person who would allow such a thing in my living room but here I am, and I definitely recommend this mat.

Shasten Hildebrand
Very entertaining for my 3 month old!

First things first, the base was difficult to assemble. Two of the pieces that are supposed to slide together took about as much muscle as I have. The other half slid together like they are supposed to. I could have just gotten a couple bad pieces, I don’t know. I actually emailed Innolivin's customer support because I couldn’t get them to go together, but I did finally get it. I took off a star for that. My 3 month old seems to really enjoy the music and hanging toys.Pros:-Very colorful and engaging toys-Great music-it can grow with your baby. The piano can also just be taken off and used as a small piano toy.Cons:-Assembly wasn’t easy. Overall a great mat. I bought a more expensive mat that is more visually appealing to an adult’s eye so that it isn’t so “the baby took over the living room” but he doesn’t like it because it’s not fun for him. The toys aren’t bright enough. He really loves this mat and attached toys and I feel that it is a great value! He actually just fell asleep on the mat while I wrote this review!

The best baby PLAY MAT EVER

One of my favourite purchases for my little one. The music is great, there is multiple songs and they arent repetitive or irritating (bonus for us parents) the piano easily removes which I also love because she can use the piano by itself. Perfect for tummy time, easy to clean any drool or spit up with one wipe. Lightweight and easily stored away or transported. She also loves the colorful toys! Purchase this you will not regret it.

Britany Nick
Must have infant item

This thing is great. I didn't want to go overboard with toys for my little one since they really don't need much but this was a great purchase. Started using it at about 6 weeks and my baby who otherwise needs quite a bit of attention was able to entertain himself for 15+ minutes! I even dragged it with me into the bathroom so I could shower 😂 and he stayed entertained the whole time. You can easily add different hanging items to make sure your kid doesn't get bored but the stuff that comes with it is great. My son is only 14 weeks so I can't speak to the "grow with you" parts but I have a feeling this will be great.

A great play gym that grows with your LO

We love this little play gym so far. It entertains my LO for a while with the music and hanging objects. We did add some toys we had to make them longer because he could not reach the ones that came with it just yet. The one thing that would make this play gym a 5 star perfect is if it were wider. My LO is 4 months so we are working on tummy time and rolling over. There is hardly any room for that on here. He has to be either on his back or once he can sit up and play to use. I’d still recommend it for all else it offers and the ability to grow with our LO. We all here love the songs played as well! They are all such fun, cute songs.

Amanda Loquidis
good for our 1 month old!

We've initially purchased the another branded play gym, really liking it's developmental focus and it had amazing reviews. It still may be a great play mat, but our infant hasn't really shown interest (yet?). This Baby Activity Gym from innolivin however is 1/3 the cost and our 1 month old has been so engaged! He smiles and is beginning to kick the piano keys (they are easy to push and he doesn't need help to get a sound to come out). Also, the hanging toys are easily reachable for him. We added a few of our own that make sounds -- the maracas don't hang obviously and there's only one hanging that makes a rattles sound. Also, haven't had to yet, but this mat material seems to be water resistant and wipeable. Another plus! It's also compact and light enough to be easily carried throughout the house, but at this price, you could even just get 2 and be well under the price of other play mats. So glad we got this mat.