3x Speed Rechargeable Halter Neck Fan | Flexible Handheld Electric Portable Fan

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Staying cool on hot summer days can be difficult and it’s impossible to stand in front of a fan or air conditioner the whole day!

Portable Fan

Stay cool all day long, in even the hottest temperatures. This Rechargeable Halter Neck Fan has 3 speeds and has a flexible halter attachment so you can wear it around your neck or hold it against your face for a rapid and direct cool down. This portable electric fan is perfect for hot days at the ball game, relaxing by the pool or to just stay cool and go on with your day! Get hours of cool air blowing gently in your face with this Rechargeable Halter Neck Fan.

Portable Exhaust Fan


3 Speeds: There are three speeds of fan strength to select from. This makes it perfect for any type of warm day.

USB Charging: Charge the fan with the included USB cord. Each full charge can provide up to 9 hours of continued fan cooling.

Halter Cord: Unravel the halter cord out so you can wear the fan around your neck for continual hands free cooling. Wrap the cord up and use it as a handheld fan too!

Mini Portable Fan


Stay Cool: Stay cool the natural way on even the warmest summer days. Use the natural air around you to your advantage.

No Batteries Required: Charge the handheld fan like you would your cellphone, with the included USB cord. No expensive or heavy batteries are required to operate the fan.

Low Noise Emission: Unlike other fans, this one won’t interrupt or disturb you with noise. It’s quiet and efficient!


  • Battery Voltage: 3.7v
  • Voltage & Current: DC 5v/1000mah Input
  • Working Power: ≤3W
  • Charging Time: ~ 3 hrs.
  • Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
  • Working Time: 9 Hours In 1st Gear, 4 Hours In 2nd Gear, 2.5 Hours In 3rd Gear
  • Working Current: 1st Gear 210ma, 2nd Gear 460ma, 3rd Gear 900mA
  • Product Size: 85 x 39 x 210 mm (Folded), 85 x 39 x 600 mm (Expanded)
  • Output Power: ≤5W
  • Material: ABS/PP/Electronic Components
  • Color: White, Dark Blue And Dark Green
  • Custom Processing: Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Pamela A Starland

Love this fan! Having to wear a mask at work makes me hot and sweaty, and this fan makes a HUGE difference. This fan is lightweight and lasts almost the entire 8 hours. It’s quiet and I’ve noticed most people don’t realize I’m wearing it.


Love this!! We got 2 newborns in the house and electricity in Dominican Republic goes once in awhile and these work wonderful!!!

Nelson B

Dislike none.. Like this is awsome i love it i would recommend this to all friends and family.i use it at work and in the car and outside

Michelle Preston

I absolutely love it!! I've actually ordered three times for family members

Diane Adkins

Already had one. Bought one for a friend. Uses it daily & loves it.

Mike Dunn

My wife bought it for me, for the tennis courts. I love it, especially these hot, hot days!