2L Smart Pet Drinking Water Fountain | Automatic Swan Neck Water Dispenser For Cats And Dogs

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Pets obviously need water for their health, but for too long their water bowls leave a mess on our home’s floor and we have to constantly fill their bowls. The way we provide water for pets needs to change!

Automatic Cat Dog Water Drinking Flower

This Automatic Swan Neck designed Water Dispenser is great for both cats and dogs. The basin holds up to 2 liters of fresh water for them to drink throughout the day and the design means your floors won’t be filled with puddles after each time they drink. There’s even a LED light on the side to let you know how much water is left for them! It’s safely designed so there’ll be no power outage from the water and you and your pet will love their new water dispenser.

Doggie Water Fountain Pet Drinking Water Fountai


Quiet Water Pump: Unlike other designs that include a water pump, this water dispenser is super small and super quiet. They’ll get fresh water all day long and won’t be afraid of the noise.

2L Capacity: The large capacity basin is great for all day drinking for your pet, and you won’t have to worry about constantly ensuring your pet has fresh clean water!

Easy To Clean: The basin attachment, hose and faucet are easy to remove and reconnect. Clean them whenever they need and don’t worry about breaking them.

Decorative Pet Drinking Water Fountains


Keeps Pets Hydrated: Just like humans, pets need to be hydrated for their health. This water dispenser ensures they have fresh, clean flowing water all day long.

Save Your Jobs List: Now you won’t have to worry about constantly filling your pet’s water bowl. Ensure you have one job on your to-do list constantly checked off with this water dispenser.

More Hygienic: The constantly flowing fresh water is better for your pet’s health. They need clean water just like us!

Automatic Pet Drinking Water Fountain


  • Name: 2L Smart Pet Drinking Water Fountain
  • Material: ABS + PP+ Cotton Filter
  • Weight: Approx. 0.45kg
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Charging: USB (Universal)
  • Lighting: LED Blue Light
  • Suitable For Both Cats And Dogs
Pet Cat Drinking Water Fountain

How To Use:

  1. Connect the soft hose to water flow attachment.
  2. Insert the faucet attachment into the top cover.
  3. Attach the soft hose to the faucet connection.
  4. Attach top cover to the basin.
Pet Drinking Water Fountain


Pet Drinking Fountain Carbon Filter (4pc): Replace your filters with this water dispenser filter. The activated carbon in the filter can remove bad taste and odor, keeping the water clean and fresh. Eco-friendly with cotton net to filter out any deposits that may exist in the tap water, and thoroughly capture hair, sediments and debris. Change every 2 - 4 weeks.



How To Keep Fountain Water Clean And Safe For Pets

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sami Gagner
Buy this fountain over the competitors!

So far--10/10 would recommend!! We have 2 cats, I've tried other fountains in the past, and here are my takeaways thus far:• higher-grade plastic makes for less frequent cleaning; if I were a cat, I would want to drink from this 🤣

Wooden Makeup
It works!!

The size is a bit big but I love the fountain for the price. It took my cat less then 2 mins to analyze it and watch me stick my finger in there a few times to determine it was safe. Then she came over and drank from it. So I'm happy I did NOT think it would be that easy. Definitely keeping it and like the sound of the fountain.

Cheryl M.

Best water fountain I've bought yet. I have a senior cat and it is perfect height for him. Easy to clean. Also it is clear so you can see the water level. I've bought 5 different fountains. And hands down this one is the best out of all 5.

Karen Moore
Your cat and you will Love this!

Love this. I have 2 very picky Maine Coon cats who only drank from the running faucet. I’ve tried other flowing water dishes but they were not fans. This fountain WORKS. They are drinking much more now and no longer jumping into the sink. It was a bit tricky putting back together after the first wash so I try not to remove the pump and problem solved.

Clean Water

Even though I didn't keep this one, it is a quality item. Just too small for two cats. Perfect for 1 small dog or 1 cat

Pet water fountain

I was skeptical at first whether my cat would be willing to try this but I found a suggestion to put a water bowl next to it and have it not running and the cat would be curious and check it out. Well it worked by the next morning I visually saw her using it.