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The quality of the camera is good comparing to the size of that. Also, the style of the glass is nice. The glass is very light and easy working, comfortable and easy working. You can connect it to the computer easily and can transfer the file easily to your computer. Overall, compare to the price, it is valuable and good.

I really like this camera glasses. I use them to take videos while I'm driving or riding, without using my hands. I like how the videos look like natural from my eye perspective as always I imagined to have a camera to take videos exactly from eye perspective.

Pretty good glasses camera. Battery lasts pretty long and the video quality is good for 1080p. Would recommend this glasses camera for anyone looking for a camera like this. Only downside would be for anyone that actually needs to wear glasses to see.

Great Buy for me worth the MONEY

Picture quality is good ,battery quick recharge and used good amount of time..everything as described.

The camera is easy to use and easy to record especially that one button does all the work. The video is clear and the pictures are great. I like the design of the glasses, not wasy to fall while biking.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Amazing audio and video quality! Excellent price!

These glasses are so cool! You can't even tell they're camera glasses and have really great video quality. The battery life is great and you can use even if not wearing. They're comfortable and look great on as well.

Worked great for taking to the theme park with us. Was able to capture a ton of memories by turning them on and off and keep them forever without having to lug around my video camera or pay for expensive products at the booths.

great for my bible study when i cant keep up with my records so i can play back and study with the convience of my own time.great material as well.deffinitly would recomend to my friends.all in all a great product.

The picture quality is fantastic. My attached video was filmed in very low light and it's still clear to see to read what is on the included instructions, which I am recording. Even moving it around doesn't blur the footage - it stays nice and sharp. An added bonus is that they still look remarkably similar to my natural daily glasses (which I make sure that I use when on computer or watching TV).

These glasses are good looking with good recording quality. It let me freely record what I saw. I bought them to take some pictures and videos for my family so I don’t have to carry the phone around It let my hands free. So I love this glasses.

I picked these up for my son's birthday next month and gave them a good testing. These will be great for kids, for sure. Cheaper than a real video camera, easier to operate, and pretty darn rugged. Just the size/weight/materials means these aren't going to be destroyed by a drop.High Points:Rugged - Thick plastic, light weight, and put together well.SD - Has an SD card already in it. Difficult to remove, but it is preformatted and worked right out of the box.Webcam - This is actually a pretty neat feature. These can be used as a webcam when you take the SD card out. If your computer doesn't have one, this is actually surprisingly well suited for the purpose. Video is detected in OBS as 720p at 25fps by default. With adjustments, can get decent webcam video. Absolutely the most hipster webcam around. HahaMicrophone - Surprisingly, the microphone is clean and clear. If you're using these to "spy", the audio is really quite good. Cover the little LED with some tape and leave these out on the table near a conversation, and you'll pick up some decent conversation without being noticed.Case - Comes with a great case for the glasses. Really nice quality. I'll likely use it for my sunglasses after I give these camera glasses to my son. HahaKnow what to expect! (A warning to someone expecting professional video) ----As an action cam / spy cam, these are pretty neat. You get the best quality footage on a sunny day outside. There is no built-in image stabilization, but if you're recording a walking route or a bike ride, these would be fine. Videos at a restaurant under good lighting (or on the patio would be best) would result in decent video, too. Under fluorescent lights, you also get very nice quality video. These record upscaled 1080p at 25FPS.As with ANY camera in this price range, the still images are not going to be very good. That is something to be expected! Don't get these expecting to take actual photos you would use or even print!This is not a professional camera. This is an inexpensive camera that would be GREAT for a kid. For an adult looking for something fun to wear on occasion, or maybe catch some interesting video from a hike or nature walk for themselves...This is a very neat option. The fact you can use this as a webcam already makes it a pretty great deal, too. On thing that would be very neat to use this for is arts and crafts videos. Get a first person view of the creation process. Under good lights, this would make for a satisfying video!With this camera, LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING!

My husband and I have been wanting to get a pair of these types of glasses for us to have a toy for us to use like the endoscopic camera that hooks up to our phone that we have for entertaining purposes when I got the opportunity to test these out I was ontop of Purchasing one and very happy to have made the purchase for the future of entertainment purposes!

Super great! The glass itself is very light weighted and looks cool, love it !!!

I got this camera glasses to secretly record some of my conversations, although I later used it to record my running route.Pros:The glasses is stylish and very lightweight.The camera is located at the center and is not that visible, same for the controllers and charging port.The video footage quality is acceptableCons:I wish it has an app and it was USB-C fast charge.

It is a warm summer and I have a black lab.Molly was leaving her bed to lay down in the floor and would still pant. Now, I use as a cover for her bed and she lays on top of it. She stopped panting and she seems more relaxed. She no longer moves all night trying to escape the heat. The fabric is so comfortable and cool that I wish there was a version for humans.

Dog adores it. Drags it around to lay on.

This mat is nothing fancy but it definitely feels cool to the touch and helped keep my dog cooler.

This mat feels cool to the touch! I bought this to bring some comfort for my thick-coated senior pet this summer.I bought AKC cooling mats at the same time, but I’m returning those. This mat costs less and works.

This product is EXACTLY what we were hoping to get for our big dog! We place it over his cushy, soft winter bed for softness. It fits perfectly and stays cool ALL THE TIME! Our dog appears to love it. He needs it here in our "hot desert area", and we couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.

I was surprised it was so large . It really does feel cool. Looks like it is made well.


I was skeptical whether or not this pad would help my dog stay cooler but he loves it!

I had to wait 45 days to get this sucker for my dog, but I am glad I did. It does have a nice cooling quality which is essential when living in the 110° desert! I wish I had one for myself!!