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Was in good condition when came and easy setup

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my daughter. It showed up much faster than I expected. Let me first start of by saying how amazing it looks just coming out of the box. It came in its own carrying bag. When you open the bag it has several Velcro straps to keep the larger components in their place. All other parts were in their own small bag as to make sure not to get scuffed or scratched.Something I am sure that we all appreciate is that the assembly was pretty straight forward. I was able to get it complete put together in about 20 minutes. I loved the look of it in the bag, but put together I was really impressed. It is slick! I am sure that my girls will love it. I took it outside to test it and was very impressed! I could see the moon so clearly! My daughters are 5 and 6 years old, I think they will need some assistance in using it. This is probably more geared toward an old child’s level of understanding. But I am excited to see my daughters grow into their new telescope. I would highly recommend this for kids and adults as a way to get into exploring space!

Our expectations were exceeded as received the package in time for Christmas, when it was expected between 1/6-2/7! To that, we haven’t put it together yet but like the carrying case and weight as we’re looking forward to bringing this when we go camping. Once we get it up and running we’ll share more of our experience!

It was a long time before I took it out as a Christmas present to my son,I was just going to buy my son a toy, because he likes to observe astronomy, did not expect to see the moon so clearly, is too happy! Attached is my photo of the moon,lol~

Great Eames replica. All of the components are high quality. The leather is impressive. Firm, thick cushions. The wood is beautiful. Like the original, the chair sits low and the recline is fixed. The assembly was easy with two people (after watching a YouTube video, no instructions were included). This is a very high-quality replica and great value.

The Chair looks great. Pretty comfortable and will probably get more comfortable the more times you sit in it.Customer support was pretty good.Overall this is a great chair. Cannot beat the price for what you get. I would highly recommend this chair as an alternative for the Herman Miller.

I travel frequently in my F-150 crew cab and I don't always want to pay for a hotel for a few hours of sleep, so I bought this so I can use this to sleep on at rest areas or the like.It also came in handy for a three generation boys road trip so my grandson could sleep while we were traveling well past his bed time.It takes about 10 minutes to unpack, inflate & position. It takes slightly long to deflate (using the pump in reverse) and repack. The bag that it comes in is big enough to get it back into without much trouble, but the bag is super cheap and ripped on the first use. I replaced the original bag with a waterproof bag that I previously purchased.The mattress is as comfortable as one could expect for an air mattress and is sturdy. I weigh in at 240 and I typically have two small dogs with me and the bed has held up over several uses.

It’s great but it didn’t fully fit in my Toyota 4Runner. You’d love this brand too.

The telescope was awesome! My 10-year old child really enjoyed it. It is very easy to assemble because the directions was very easy to understand. Also l can see the stars at night very clearly.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Very good quality kids telescope. Every night my son watch moon with it. It’s good for enjoyment and educating kids. My kids very like it - light weight - portable - easy to assemble I would like this more with better lens, I will buy more lens to enjoy it fully.

They responded to my emails almost immediately, it’s clear to me they support their products. Great tent too, good solid materials and the reflective materials are impressive. 5 stars

These are amazing. My boys ride them everywhere, even on trail rides through the woods (even though we know it is not recommended), but when you own 43 acres it makes it a lot of fun!

It’s been a few weeks , I’ve been using this washing machine, it is very washes as clean as the big ones, Great for washing small clothings, it is very easy to use and saves a lot of time ! It’s also foldable to fit in small space .

This is a portable washer that is great for cleaning & sterilization so is better than hand takes 10 minutes to do a small wash which plugs in wherever you need it to take with.After 10 minutes it automatically shuts down.I thought this would be great for my brother to use as he will be renting a basement room.This will allow him to stay in his own space so he does not need to use other washer.I think it is very good for delicates. My washer is so loud & it knocks so loud then shifts so I have to push it back.I was thinking this may be a good thing for me to use for delicates & if my washer stops working I will have this.The noise is less than 45 decibels. There is a video in review which you can hear it.It sounds like a remote control toy or car that you play with in use.My washer is a lot more annoying because it vibrates & knocks around.It has a much smaller capacity so I would suggest using it separate load for underwear, separate load for socks, then do shirts in separate loads & same with pants or jeans. Pants or jeans should only expect to wash 1-2 pair.

This portable mini washing machine is a must have for traveling or just on the go for any trip. It’s very compacted in storage and doesn’t take up much space when traveling with it. It’s foldable and store away easily. It’s easy to operate with just a touch of button. Of course, you gotta add water and laundry detergent to it. Remember it’s a mini portable washing machine, so it can only fit few underwear or some socks or just a pant or shirt. Just touch the on button and it will start it’s cycle. It will automatically shut off when it’s finished. It’s quite as well, compare to regular washing machine. This machine is make of silicone like materials that’s why it’s flexible and easy to fold. Remember this is only a mini washing machine for traveling. I wouldn’t recommend for daily home use to substitute for a standard washing machine.

We bought this projector to take with us on a sailing trip. We were initially intrigued due to the size and portability, but also felt the price was reasonable. Before we took it on our trip, we figured we would try it out (kind of thinking it would be more of a headache and mediocre novelty that would simply serve a specific, rarely used purpose) at our house. We were instantly impressed with the ease of set up, the size (it really is as small as you see on the pics!) and the quality felt better than what we expected. Our initial desire for use of the product was to project movies from our phone to the screen for movie nights for the kids while on vacay. When we started playing with the projector we realized it had further capabilities. We still haven't used all the features, but we did get it connected to our wifi and could watch anything we wanted, not just our downloaded movies, at our house via wifi. The picture quality is fantastic....wayyyyy better than expected. This would be an amazing wedding gift, graduation gift, fathers day gift, etc. I want to point that out, because unless we had a 'need' for it, I doubt we ever would have thought of buying, or even searching for, one. But this is a great gift for those who are hard to shop for.

As a long-time high school coach, I needed a small projector that projected fast-moving, bright/vivid video images, was portable, and finally was durable. After extensive online research, I found quite a few reviews both online and on YouTube for this product. However, based on the price of the item, I was a bit concerned that it would not live up to my expectations. Especially since I had never heard of this particular brand.However, I am more than pleased with this purchase and would not hesitate to recommend it to any other coaches. Furthermore, I think this would make a great projector in anyone's home for indoor or outdoor use. Simply put, it is kind of magical to get this level of top-notch technology, out of a very small device for such a reasonable price.The projector itself is extremely easy to operate and I would have been impressed enough with just the projector in the box. However, it also included a great custom-fitted hard case to include the projector, wires, and tripod. Once again, durability was one of the items on my checklist and the case is a top-quality necessity to protect my investment. It is actually not much bigger than the case that protects my headphones for road trips. As a result, I have no hesitations to carry this projector (within the protective case) on road trips.The bottom line, it is a great product and perfect for those wanting to explore the projector world without a massive financial investment. If unsure of a purchase, there are some great demos on YouTube to assist.

I set it up and its a good system. Need some tinkering as 9 of the sponges grew seeds like supposed to, the other 4 couldnt grow the same type seed-started to mold. I know perfectly well that not every seed germinates which is why i tried planting multiples at a time for each sponge but while some eventually germinated they then died-nothing grew! Recently they added another packet of sponges for possible duds so their response is great.

This worked wonderful! My daughter had daisies and petunias growing in her bedroom! She is happy!

If you are on the fence between this and the Aerogarden this is a better bang for the buck. More space to plant things for less money and the features are very similar. Grows plants well.

This is a decent product, but you should know that it's not as easy as dropping a few seeds and letting the grower do the rest. I had great germination and then stagnation. This doesn't come with instructions for how to actually grow things and what to do, so be prepared for that. Two weeks in, I ordered nutrients, that helped 1/3 of my plants take off. I'm a month in and ate my first lettuce from this today. I have uneven growth across the board. You do need to change the water in the basin and the only way to do that that I've found is to remove all of your growing plants and their delicate roots to dump, rinse and refill. That's a bad design flaw. The lights work, but seem to work unevenly. The timer for the lights and the fan options are great. The light is super bright with UV - I set mine up in the kitchen, but a less used room might have been better because of the light brightness, which is pretty obnoxious, but obviously necessary.

This is wonderful - I have a wide variety of veggies and strawberries growing in my kitchen with virtually no effort - amazing

It’s been 4 days and I see sprouts. Great product so far and easy to use.