Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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No summer experience is complete without at least one day by a pool. Yet pool owners will tell you that maintaining them can be a nightmare! Well, not anymore.

How To Use A Vacuum Pool Cleaner

The Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner is an efficient and essential device available for pool owners to ensure their pools stay sparkling clean all summer long. It’s sturdy thick plastic construction and tough nylon bristles mean that the vacuum not only works great, but not at the expense of backbreaking effort. After connecting a long handle, simply run the vacuum cleaner along the floor and sides of your pool and let it collect up all dirt, debris and leaves to ensure your next swim is as clean and clear as it was the first time!

What Is The Best Pool Vacuum Cleaner


Tough Nylon Bristles: The nylon bristles on the base of the vacuum are strong and sturdy and will pick up all sorts of debris along your pool walls and floor. It’s almost as if you’re scrubbing and sucking up debris at the same time!

Ergonomic Handle Design: Get into all the spaces and crevices of your pool with the highly adjustable and moveable handle. It moves with your movements to ensure a thorough clean.

Air-Relief Valves: Easily release excess suction pressure to allow easy movement around the walls and floor of your pool.
How To Turn On Pool Vacuum Cleaner


Easy To Use: As mentioned, this pool vacuum is designed to be easy on your back with moveable handles and adjustments to ensure a thorough clean, without strain.

Keep Your Pool Clean: No one wants to swim in a dirty, debris filled pool! Keep your pool clean year round with this above ground swimming pool vacuum cleaner.

Preserve Pool Pump Life: Regular use of this pool vacuum means your pool’s pump will not have to work overtime. This prolongs its life obviously, and saves you money.
How To Use Vacuum Cleaner For Pool


  • Size: about 27cm x 20cm (10.63in x 7.87in)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Material (Bristles): Nylon
  • Weight 1380g

How Often Do You Use A Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Chris H.
It’s like having a hand vac for your pool

This is a great little pool cleaner for small jobs. We ordered it because we have both a baby pool and a hot tub. The baby pool is attached to the main pool but it doesn’t have good skimmers, and of course the kids track grass, rock and debris into it so cleaning it can be a real issue. We have an automatic pool cleaner, but sometimes we still find ourselves manually cleaning crevices, steps and small corners. The hot tub also collects sediments in certain areas, especially on the seats. This little gadget allows you to target all of those areas easily, quickly, and efficiently. It is handheld so you can make that hour of active cleaning last a bit longer if you turn it off we’re not actively using. Operation is super easy, directions are very clear. It does arrive in pieces, you will need to assemble it but I am remembering it’s only a few main pieces. The best features in this product is that it’s small, easy to operate, maneuverable, reaches crevices, and cordless. It’s basically the equivalent of a hand vac for your pool.

Joshua Hart
All around very nice product.

This is an affordable product. It has really good suction and is very easy and quick to use as well as clean. Highly recommend.

Absolutely worth every penny.

Is it Generic? Yes. Is it worth the $? Absolutely. My boyfriend and I bought a house in June with a pool. Since neither one of us had owned a pool in the past, we hired a pool company for monthly maintenance and service. My boyfriend has been telling me since then that we weren't getting our money's worth. We finally decided to get a pool vacuum for the pool since our pool was constantly green. Well, we decided to test this out yesterday, and it's been in our pool ever since. With the help of a local pool company, we were able to get the pool from swampy to sparkling in a mere 24 hours. Then, this product sucked up all the dead algae, dirt, and "stuff" our pool people couldn't do. Even if we have to buy one every year, it will STILL be worth it! Oh, it did took a while to figure out the weights. And sometimes we still have to guide it to the shallow end, but it's a small price to pay. So, needless to say, this will be saving me $100+ a month. Deuces, pool maintenance company. Hello freedom!

Very happy with this product!

So my sweeper broke again as it does every 2nd year after the warranty runs out. My pool man quoted me $400 for a new one and this time, I told him to wait while I searched online for a better deal. Am so glad i did that cause now i found this above ground vacuum cleaner. Thank you, one of my best purchases.

Stop worrying and order it

I wish that I’d have discovered this cleaner a long time ago. In one day it does the job my old cleaner took days to accomplish and I didn’t have to go drag it around with the pool broom.If you’re still on the fence about this cleaner it’s probably because you’re looking at similar units for three times the price and wondering what’s wrong with this one. Well, buy this one and send me the other $200 if it makes you feel better. In reality I’m trying to figure out how the other brands are getting the prices they do.I had this out of the box, assembled, and running in my pool in about 15 minutes. My secret? I read the instructions. That took 3 minutes of the total 15. Remember the scene from Finding Nemo where the fis in the Dentist’s aquarium stopped up the filter? The tank got green and nasty, but the next day the dentist had replaced the filter and the water was instantly clear? Yeah- that’s pretty much my experience with this unit.

Chris J.
Well worth the cost so far

I ordered one of these lo-budget pool cleaners yesterday and got it today. No ideas how long it might last, obviously, but I can report that it worked pretty much flawlessly pretty much immediately.Some people complained that they had to adjust the unit several times before it covered the whole pool. I got lucky, and it started doing the whole pool right away. In any case, I have had to make those same adjustments on every brand-name vacuum I have ever used. So far this one hasn’t got caught on the stairs. It might, eventually. All the brand-name vacuums did from time to time.Unless the thing self-destructs in the next few weeks, or dissolves into toxic gases which poison me … I cannot see any downside to buying this unit.