Instant Pop Up Camping Tent | Portable Waterproof Camping Tent

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Tired of the hassle of setting up a camping tent? With the Instant Pop Up Camping Tent you don’t have to waste your time trying to assemble a tent from scratch. With its popping mechanism you can have your tent assembled in a flash.

Large Pop Up Tent

The Instant Pop Up Camping Tent can be used in a variety of seasons, and can fit up to 3-4 people in its large capacity sleeping space. With an outer polyester material and a waterproofing raincover, this tent will work in any weather elements. The tent can also be easily stored in its tent carry bag.


  • Instant Set Up: Popping mechanism helps you set up the Instant Pop Up Camping Tent in seconds. Pull up on the mechanism to set up the tent. Push down on the mechanism to take down.
  • Designed for outdoor use: Take it camping, take it to the beach - the waterproofing and instant setup will ensure that you can set the camping tent up in any location in seconds. 
  • High Capacity Space: With its spacious interior, the Instant Pop Up Camping Tent can fit up to 3-4 people comfortably.
4 Person Pop Up Tent


The portability of this camping tent means you can take it anywhere in its tent carry bag. 

High Quality

Polyester outer material will help to provide a sturdy design and long-lasting product. 


  • Dimensions: 82.7” x 78.7” x 53.1” / 210x200X135cm (L x W x H)
  • Outer Material: 190T polyester PU 2000MM 
  • Bottom Material: 210D oxford cloth PU 3000MM

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 Instant Pop Up Camping Tent
  • 4 Tent Pegs
  • 4 Guide Ropes
  • 1 Tent Carry Bag
Pop Up Tent Camper

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Active Girl

I just received my tent and set it up easily in the living room before using it for camping this weekend. It took only minutes to set it up but I did have to mess with the poles a bit to be sure they were locked. There are no set up instructions and the disassembly instructions were a little hard to see and understand for me. It took two attempts but once I figured it out, it will be easy to disassemble, too. It isn't nearly as well made as my much more expensive Eureka tent, but I was looking for something really easy to use and only for a night or two. I can't speak to water resistance as I haven't used it outside yet, nor do I expect to use it in the rain. For the price, it seems like a great tent for quick trips.


No joke. It took two minutes to set up the tent (I'm a dude so I didn't follow instructions). It is as easy as one of those folding chairs to set up. The extra time was staking the corners in the ground and staking the canopy strings in. Viola! Two minutes. Plenty roomy for two people to sleep on an air mattress (if you are an old whoose like me). Vent in the front and back and could even open the front door and back door if you wanted. Weighs about 15 pounds (guessing), but not really heavy for what you get. I wish all tents were built like this one. I would give it 6 stars if I could. If you camp, you NEED this tent.

pro photographer

I was looking for an easy operating tent for car camping, nothing too expensive or complicated to set up. I really didn't look at the instructions and just started to unpack everything and at first was wondering how this tent would lock everything together making a rigid structure. Then I just pushed the center section up like an umbrella it suddenly sprang into a tent. It is spacious and perfect for 2 with all your stuff inside. Not sure about it being waterproof in pouring rain but it looks fine with it's rain fly. It has 2 huge openings and is great for warm climates like in my area. Putting it away was super easy as it tent legs fold up and you pull on them (there is a sticker telling you how). I like the green color as it is blends into the outdoors. The only thing it that you might want to stake out the rain fly and the corners so it won't fly away and to maximize the interior space. Not exactly super light weight for backpacking but perfect for a quick car camping trip.


My wife and I bought this tent for a weekend camping trip. Being new to camping, we were somewhat skeptical of how easy this tent would be to set up; but, in less than two minutes (quite literally) our tent was pulled from out of the bag and set took another 45 seconds or so to go around and tie down the strings (optional, but we did it anyways). The two of us fit comfortably inside the tent with our sleeping pads and small bags for the weekend. Take-down took closer to 3 or 4 minutes, as we wanted to pack everything neatly in the bag again. Our only real critique is that we wish this tent was a little taller, as it was somewhat difficult to get ready in the mornings, hunched over or in a seated position...but that's the same complaint we'd have with any tent this size. We are more than happy with our purchase, and we like how the stress of "getting the tent ready when you go camping" is a non-issue with this product.


I recently purchased this tent as a last minute buy for a camping trip with some friends. I must say that it was super easy to setup and even easier to take down and pack. The tent held 3 of us (all different sizes) with room to spare and with vents open, the cross breeze was very good!I plan on purchasing a ground cloth or something to help with the longevity of the tent and I gather that with proper care and maintenance, this tent should last for years.

Hajnalka Morse

I purchased this tent for my kids to be able to "camp out" in our backyard as we had to cancel our trip to the mountains due to Covid. I love how easy it is to set up this tent. Even my 2 teenagers can set it up with ease. Having doors on both sides is a great feature, so nobody has to climb over the other to get outside. It seems very well made. It is just as easy to break down as it is to set it up. Overall very happy with the purchase.