Indoor Silent Bike Trainer | Foldable Bike Roller For Resistance Cycle Exercise Training

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Living in a city or an apartment is great, but not if you’re an avid cyclist. All you want to do is get out on the open road! Well, what if you could, without leaving home and without buying an expensive standing bike?

With the Indoor Silent Bike Trainer you get a foldable bike roller system that provides resistance styled training for the most avid cyclist. Why invest in an over-the-top standalone bike when you can use your already awesome road bike! Go as long and as hard as you like on your own bike without wearing out your tires either, all in sweet silence!

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Silent Design: Your neighbors will be totally unaware of what you’re doing as this system is silent! Ride as long and hard as you like, whenever you like without disturbing anyone.

Lightweight Matrix Bridge Structure: When you’re done with riding for the day, simply fold the trainer up and store it away. It’s lightweight and compacts down easily.

Fits Most Bike Models: Great for road bikes or mountain bikes! Simply adjust the bridge connections to fit the span you desire.

Indoor Bike Bicycle Cycling Trainer Stand With Resistance Shifter


Great For Fitness: It goes without saying that cycling is a great way to stay fit and now you’ll be able to do it whenever you like, no matter where you live in the world.

Lightweight And Portable: Weighing just under 6.5kgs, the rollers are perfect for storing and transporting around. Much lighter and cost effective than an expensive standalone bike!

Comes In Two Colors: Choose from the clean and sleek looking silver or go for something more defined and rustic with the black model.

Indoor Cycle Trainer For Mountain Bikes


  • Name: Indoor Silent Bike Trainer
  • Material: High-Strength Aluminum Alloy
  • Application: 16-29 Bike Inch Models
How To Use Indoor Bike Trainer
Indoor Exercise Bike Trainer

How To Use:

  1. Place rollers near a wall, mount bike using the wall for balance.
  2. Push off wall once you gain enough momentum for strong balance on bike.
  3. When session is finished, slow down to an almost complete stop and lean back to over to the wall to dismount.
  4. Fold and store rollers until next session.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Good value for the money

I wanted to find a decent set of rollers at a good price. I compared these to many other rollers priced $40-$100 or more higher and had very good reviews on the web and could not find any difference at all. I received them and am very pleased with the finish and function of them. They even came fully assembled which I did not expect and a spare belt was included in the box. A great product. Added note: I took a straight edge to the roller and as stated in previous review they are not parabolic rollers this is simply stated a misrepresentation of facts. However once riding is learned it is really not a concern. If it is important for you that they be parabolic rollers keep this in mind. I'm still pleased with these but want buyers to be aware.

Works For Me

I bought this to use with my bike in the winter. I removed the front roller and just use the back ones ( see pic) It seems to be well built and works well for me. I am very pleased.

Great intro roller

This roller was an excellent way to start indoor cycling without needing to hook into the fly wheel. It is industrial enough for a solid workout and feels stable, without having to spend 1000+ dollars to understand the experience. Balancing takes a minute, recommend starting near a table or window ledge that you can hold onto or reach back out if you get unsteady.


a good concentration need it. One is a good momentum is like getting setup on fire just keep pedaling.

They See Me Rollin'...

Good product. Always nice to have a roller for those days when you wanna ride, but can't. The danger factor on these is what makes it the most fun. The additional core / balance that a roller brings makes me feel like a stronger rider on unstable terrain.


I bought this for my husband to train with and he seems to really enjoy it. However he says it is quite challenging to get used to balancing without holding onto something, But he is confident it will get easier over time and is enjoying the challenge.