Garage Bike Rack | Horizontal Bicycle Wall Mounted Hanger

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Stop tripping over your bike in the entryway. Store your bike safely inside and out of the way with our Garage Bike Rack. Fully adjustable, our universal wall mount is easy to install. Both the beam and bike hooks adjust to hold your bike.

Simple Bike Rack For Garage

Floor space is precious in apartment living. Use our bike mount in the garage or anywhere you’re short on space. The scratch-safe hooks won’t damage your bike, and the 45 degree angle mount will keep your bike from damaging your wall.


  • Universal - This wall mount holds up to 25 kg and is suitable for bikes of all different sizes. Since bike models differ in design, the double arms were designed to bend to accommodate different frames.
  • Adjustable - The main support beam is adjustable depending on the width of your handlebars. With 5 different adjustment levels, you can easily move the bike hooks to best secure your bike.
  • Space Saver - A bike can take up a lot of space on the floor or the wall. Unlike vertical wall mounts, our horizontal orientation saves wall space and keeps you from bumping your head into your bike.
  • Safe & Secure - The lightweight, but strong steel design resists corrosion and keeps your bike firmly in place. Plus, the padded hooks prevent damage to your bike.


  • Size: 88*66*14 mm
  • Weight: approx. 118g
  • Max Capacity: 25 kg / 55 Lb.

What Does The Package Include?

Heavy Duty Bike Rack For Garage

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

I live in a small apartment and wanted to hang my bike so I’d could get it off the floor and still look good. This hanger is exactly what I needed - it’s good looking, easy to install, and the adjustable arms are awesome! I read a few reviews and they are correct that the two screw holes at the top are too wide for a standard stud, so I just pre-drilled and put the screws in at a slight angle inward to catch the stud. I haven’t had any issues at all with the strength or holding power. Another review noted that the grey pieces on the arms that hold the bike are plastic and a bit slick. I did have a problem with my bike sliding, but I just cut an old bike tire tube and wrapped it around the back with some electrical tape to stop the can’t even tell. Anyway, 4 stars due to the issue with the screw holes being too wide for a standard stud and slick plastic on the bike arm holders.

Daniel S.

I have two of these on the garage wall, and they work fairly well. I used 1/4-20 screws and tee nuts to attach these to oak boards (18"x8"x3/4"), and the boards are bolted to studs using 6 deck screws. The adjustable arms work well to accommodate different bikes. There are two main issues, though. First, with a lot of load, the adjuster "tooth" sometimes slips, so (a) be careful when putting up a heavy bike (put it down gently and be prepared if there is slippage), and (b) if it does slip, look at the back, and push the adjuster tooth so it is inline with the rest of the teeth (it's more obvious when you're looking at it). This slop in the adjuster is bad design, but it works well enough with this procedure. The second issue is that the arms offer no grip, so a bike with a slanted top tube will slide down so the head tube is against one of the arms. This reduces your ability to position the bike, and makes it harder to balance a load on the two arms; on the plus side the arms don't mar bike finish.Overall these work well, even with heavier bikes; I mainly keep a fully suspended MTB on one, and a heavier touring bike on the other (with rear rack and a big u-lock it's fine; adding a loaded pannier is too much).

Zheng, Ying

These are very well made bike hangers. They are super easy to install with some prior prep work. First, if you are installing on drywall you will need to apply a backing plate. I chose a pine stair tread since it was wide enough and thick enough. Secondly, although the screws to mount the bracket are adequate enough I wanted something a little stronger 1/4” x 1 1/2” bolts as shown and I used 1/4” x 4” bolts in the backer plate through the drywall into the studs. Overall these are the best bike brackets I have ever seen. Definitely worth their cost.

Benjamin Szweda

This was easy to install. There are just 3 screws that go into a stud in your wall. You don't even have to obsess over whether it is level or not - a visual check will be fine. This is because of the adjustable hanging arms that can accommodate how the pole was hung and keep the bike level.The hardest part was inserting the two tiny screws into the underside of the pipe to keep the adjustable pipe in place. The pipe can extend varying lengths from the wall to accommodate handle bars and bike size. The two screws that lock the pipe in place have allen bolt heads on them. This kit doesn't come with an allen wrench which made this part a bit difficult. I have a big allen wrench set and nothing was a perfect fit.Once hung the holder is sturdy. And it looks great too - see picture.

will gibbons

These really are great. Only complaint is that the post is fairly long. If you've got a narrow street bike, you could get your bike about 4" closer to the wall saving even more space. I have 2 of these in my Brooklyn, NY apartment hallway... there's nowhere else for us to store our bikes. These did the trick. NOTE: if mounting to a drywall rather than drilling into studs (which I had to do), use the largest toggle bolts you can find. I think I used 1/5" or something like that. Both bikes hanging on these are carbon and come in under 19lbs, so I chose to risk it. For aluminum or steel frames... probably best to drill into a stud.


It’s been a little over a month and the bike has not shifted at all. My wall is dry wall, and I worried that this was going to be difficult, it wasn’t. I followed the suggestions from some of the reviews and purchased a piece of wood ( definitely provides that extra security!) and some additional nails.Everything was easy and I was done literally in about 8 minutes. The only thing that happened off was one of the nails from the kit broke off into the wood, thankfully as u see in the picture the top 3 nails still hold it securely. I like the Velcro strap that holds the tire and really can’t think of anything else that could of made this better. Great for the price! I’ve purchased another.