3D Ultra Soft Bicycle Saddle | Silicone Gel Pad Cushion Seat

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Biking vigorously is hard enough without compounding the difficulty with a stiff and rigid seat. Stop making biking hard and start making it soft with this great ultra-soft biking seat.

How To Fit A Bicycle Saddle

This ultra-soft biking seat is made from extremely comforting and greatly designed silicone. It will keep you comfortable and relaxed during any ride, whether you’re riding slow and loose, or going for speed. Its shape is ergonomically designed to fit the natural contours of your body and keep you pedaling naturally all day long.

How To Buy A Bicycle Saddle

In addition, the built-in drawstring makes it simple to install and guarantees an absence of skidding, no matter how you’re riding. You can feel the difference for yourself at a low price; replace your old, worn down and stiff seat with this luxuriously designed piece of deluxe engineering.

How To Make A Bicycle Saddle Bag


Conforming Shape: The shape of this wonderful and soft seat is designed to fit your body and minimally interfere with pedaling and the normal operation of the bike. It’s great because you forget it’s there, pedaling with ease in a natural and fluid motion.

Ergonomic Design: In addition to its shape and comfort, the seat’s ergonomic design comforts your body and keeps you from sitting or biking in such a way to hurt your back or hip areas. It’s great for relaxing your muscles and helping you feel refreshed and spritely after a ride.

Air Permeable: This is a great feature because it helps release built-up pressure within the seat. Most seats are rigid and stiff because of the pent-up pressure you apply as you ride, but this seat uses its design to release that pressure and keep you moving for longer.

Easy Install: You won’t have to dwindle away hours of your life installing this seat. Simply use the built-in drawstring to help position the seat to your liking. You’ll be able to take your first ride in a matter of minutes and you can feel safe knowing your new seat will never skid.

How To Adjust Bicycle Saddle


Maximum Comfort: One of the biggest obstacles to you and a great ride through the neighbourhood is the feeling you have after your ride is over. Avoid that unpleasantness with this unique and soft-as-silk seat.

Enhanced Safety: Because of both the form-fitting design and the guaranteed lac of skidding, you’ll be safer when riding, wherever you are. The seat is designed to fade from memory and provide comfort, keeping your peace of mind intact while you ride.

Rekindle Your Fire: Light up your passion for riding again with the new ultra-soft and ergonomic silicone seat. You’ll feel great after your ride and your muscles and lungs will thank you for your renewed interest in vigorous exercise.


How To Choose A Bicycle Saddle

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Erin. M

Fits perfectly, only took less than a minute to put on, and is much more comfy than the original seat on my stationary bike! Now I feel like I can work out longer without my bum getting sore! Perfect!


I bought this for my mum's exercise bike, she wanted an large size and comfy cycle seat. She loves it - she showed it her neighbour across the road and I have also purchased one for her too. Recommended

Kayla West

Bought this seat. I put this on and had relief immediately from my first ride with it on. I was mildly sore at the end of my 30 minute ride with this on and by mildly I mean very very minimal discomfort compared to previously when I would shift constantly and hated riding the next day.


I ordered this seat cushion and now I can ride without any trouble at all. It fits the seat very well without any movement or shear. I would purchase again. Highly recommeded

Patricia Lamb

Bike gel seat cushion is the best...soft and works well on my Sunny stationary bike. I sit comfortably on the seat cushion while I continue my 2-3 hour exercise session. I highly recommend the seller and this wonderful product. Thank you!


Exercise bike is very comfortable ,I used my exercise bike more now, good value for money