Growing Food In Water With Hydroponics

Growing Food In Water With Hydroponics

One of the most interesting hobbies today is hydroponics. Although hydroponics has wider implications that may transform the way food is grown and consumed all over the world, individuals can get in on the action too.

Hydroponics is the science of growing food without soil, instead substituting planet food while keeping the plants submerged in water throughout their growth. Ordinary people everywhere are getting in on hydroponics because it lessens the costs of groceries; all it takes to grow food the hydroponic way is a few tablespoons of water and some seeds. If you’d like to get started, here are thirteen foods you can start growing.


Garlic is simple to grow in water. All you have to do is place a clove of it in water and wait for the green sprouts to grow and blossom. Garlic is actually rather difficult to grow outside in regular soil, but it becomes easier once you try growing it hydroponically.


Another planet that’s delicious and easy to grow in water, lemongrass is great to add to meals and provides great nutrients to your body. All you have to do is place about a three-inch stalk in water. The lemongrass will grow from the center out and can be moved to your vegetable garden if you desire.

Sweet Potatoes

Growing sweet potatoes in water doesn’t require much effort at all. To grow sweet potatoes in your new hydroponic setup, just cut the vegetable in half and suspend it over your water. To do this, you can use toothpicks or other tools. Submerge half the vegetable and position the jar in the sun, then watch as the roots grow long before replanting the potato in soil.


Marjoram is an herb which can be added to a variety of foods to add flavor. Marjoram takes some effort to grow in water but the result is well worth the effort. First, cut the vegetable and keep what you cut in a glass of water. Add your cuttings, in water, to a windowsill and change out the water regularly to keep the vegetable from dying.


Rosemary takes some time to naturally grow and sprout, but it’s a fascinating process watching the vegetable come into its own. The vegetable and stalk are easy to keep upright because the veggie is so naturally woody. All you have to do is place some cuttings in a sunny location anywhere in your house and watch it grow.

Hydroponics Planting


Yep, even something as simple as lettuce can be grown from the comfort of your own, using nothing but water and the natural roots of the plant. To grow lettuce, simply add some lettuce leaves in a glass of water with about half an inch. Place this dish in the sun. The lettuce will take care of the rest itself.


To grow waters in water, cut the pepper in half and save the lower half of the plant. You should put this half of the plant in a glass of drinking water and place it on your windowsill. Cover the glass with some plastic wrap and make sure the environment is warm and humid in order to grow your vegetable. The cut should sit at the bottom of the glass and it will rise as roots develop.


Although you must transport your pineapple into soil eventually, you can start its life in nothing but water. All you have to do is cut off the leafy portion of the fruit and hang it above a dish of water. Position this setup in a warm room and change the water regularly. Roots will appear and that’s when you must transport your new pineapple into soil.
Another simple plant which grows better in water than in regular soil, lavender is the perfect plant to grow in a hydroponic setup because of its sweet and pleasant smell. Cut your plant in half and place the bottom of it into a glass of rooting hormone. You can also add some rocks to the environment if you want to keep it upright.


Avocado is another vegetable which must eventually be transplanted into soil but can be grown in water for a few weeks to a month. First, remove the pit of the avocado. Next, suspend the pit in a glass of water and place the setup on a windowsill. Wait for the plant to grow to about seven inches tall before planting it soil.


Everyone loves a nice sprig of mint in their tea, and you can grow your own in no time at all. Cut your plant and place the cuttings in some water, keeping the bottom portion submerged. Make sure to hold a light to the plant at all times to avoid its death and change the water every few days as well.


Celery is among the easiest and most effective plant grown in water. All you have to do is take a bowl of water and add a base of celery stalk. This water should be shallow and warm. Put the water and plant on a windowsill and change out the water every day. As soon as you see leaves appearing on your celery, move the plant into soil.


Potatoes are the ultimate utilitarian vegetable because of their diverse uses and inherent deliciousness. To grow a potato water, just poke some holes in it with toothpicks then cut it in half. Submerge both half in water, with the cut half facing downwards, away from you. Roots will grow in just a few days and once they do you can move the vegetable into soil.