Fun Activities & The Best Things To Do With Kids

What Games Can I Play With My Kids To Bond
For many of us, spending time with the family is one of those priceless opportunities to create memories and share experiences. The trouble is that many of us eventually struggle to come up with fun new things to do.

Rather than racking your brain for an afternoon activity or opting for one of your old, overplayed adventures, try one of these.

Take a Class Together

Whether you choose to study art, become a master in the kitchen, or want a way to be more physically active, taking a class with your family can be a rewarding and educational experience. As you enjoy time together, you’ll also be developing valuable skills you can all use in your lives.

Do Arts and Crafts

Making something together is one of the simplest ways you can spend time together. Not only are arts and crafts a fun activity to do together, it leaves you with memories that are captured in your resulting project.

How To Keep Kids Active At Home

Plant A Garden

There is a unique sense of accomplishment when you plant something and watch it grow. You and your family will love seeing your crop sprout and develop, thanks to your hard work. Whether it’s an herb garden, vegetable garden, or flower bed, planting a garden together is sure to be a memory they will cherish.

Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a movie night? It doesn’t matter whether watching a movie together is something you often do or not. You can make any movie night special with a bit of creativity. Decorate your living room to look like the cinema or set up an outdoor “drive-in” in your backyard.

Take a Hike or Go Camping

Getting into nature is extremely important for your physical and mental wellbeing. It can also provide the perfect backdrop for your family memories. Planning and executing a hike or a camping trip will help your family disconnect from the outside world and focus on their time with each other.

Go To The Beach

If you live near the ocean, there’s nothing better than a sunny day at the beach. Why not make it a family affair? Pack a towel and the sunblock - this is one experience your kids will never forget.

Take A Road Trip

Whether you’re driving to another part of your home state or planning an epic cross-country tour, a road trip gives you ample opportunity to connect with and enjoy your family. The sights and experiences you have will develop lasting bonds and memories you can all share along the way.

Outdoor Activities For Kids

Cook Together

Much has been said about the importance of family dinners. Still, you can make the time around your meal even more special by gathering your family to cook a meal together. Try a new recipe or a new genre of food. You could even switch things up with breakfast for dinner. Whatever you choose to cook, enjoy the process together, and it will enhance your mealtime tremendously.

Make Dessert

Much like cooking together will bring you closer, making a dessert together can be really rewarding. You can easily find recipes online for anything from homemade ice cream and pie to cookies and s-mores. You could even opt for a cupcake decorating activity. Your family will love the chance to express themselves, and you’ll all enjoy a tasty treat at the end.


Also known as putt-putt, mini-golf is one of the special treats growing up. Getting ready, picking out your putter and your color of the ball, then experiencing the course together as a family makes the competition of the game that much more fun.

Visit a Museum

Museums are the way we preserve and appreciate our history and culture. They are sometimes the only way you can see a particular artifact or exhibit. Why not take advantage of all your local museums have to offer by visiting one as a family? You might consider visiting a smaller, lesser-known museum for an incredibly unique experience.

See The Animals

Watching exotic animals is sometimes the perfect way to get to know your family better. Visiting a zoo or aquarium will give you the chance to learn which animals are family favorites, and seeing those animal families will strengthen your own family’s bond.

Fun Activities For Kids

Play Board Games

If your family loves a little friendly competition, having a board game night is precisely the activity you should plan. Having a few options is an excellent way to make sure everyone has fun. You might even consider teams if your family has a tendency to take the competition a little too seriously.

Dance Party

Grooving to the music together isn’t just a great physical activity. It’s also a fun way to enjoy a few moments together. Have one person each week create a playlist, and you’ll quickly learn about your family members in a whole new way.

Play Dress Up

Whether you’re pirates sailing the seven seas or explorers hiking through the Amazon, playing a game of dress-up can be a creative way to spend time together. The outfits and the chance to create the story will have all of you laughing and enjoying yourselves in no time. The best part: you can make it as long or short of a game as you’d like.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Hunting treasure isn’t just something for pirates. You can have an indoor treasure hunt that has your family scouring your house for clues. While you can choose to spend money on a big, fancy treasure for your family to find, it’s just as much fun to make a batch of cookies to stand in as your treasure.

Fun Activities For Kids At Home

Scavenger Hunt

Are you the type of person who loves adventure and can’t get enough of puzzles? A scavenger hunt is an activity you’ve been looking for. This is a great surprise activity, especially if you’re willing to hide the clues ahead of time.

Chalk Drawing

While this activity might not be an option year-round, when it’s a possibility, it’s always a hit. Your family will love the opportunity to explore their creative side, and you’ll all enjoy the time outdoors. A quick spray with water, and your driveway will be sparkling and clean again.

Write a Story Together

Family storytime is excellent, but if you’re looking for a way to revamp your storytime, consider writing a story together as a family. There are many writing exercises you can find online that will leave you with a completely unique story. You could be laughing, you could be crying, but either way, your story will be a good memory.

Make A Time Capsule

What better way to honor your memories than by encapsulating them? With a simple plastic storage container, your family can memorialize their life as it is currently in a time capsule that you open in 10 years. You might be surprised what your younger family members choose to put in there.

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