5 Proven Importance of Ergonomics In The Workplace

INNOLIVIN 5 Proven Importance of Ergonomics In The Workplace

You need your employees. They keep your company running smoothly. And more than just needing them at work, you need them present and ready to get the job done. One of the easiest ways to help make that happen is to place some focus on ergonomics.

The Research

Leading companies are starting to put more of their time and resources into integrating ergonomics in their employees’ work lives. There’s a reason so many of these companies are following suit: it works.

A recent review of 250 ergonomics case studies by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries revealed how much ergonomics can impact business goals, like cost savings, productivity, and product quality. In fact, their findings showed that no matter what the amount is you invest in ergonomics, you’ll have a return on that investment.


The most exciting part about integrating ergonomics in your workplace are the benefits you will quickly start seeing.

Reduces Costs

There are a couple of ways that ergonomics can reduce your costs. First is the reduced Manufacturing, Supply and Distribution (MSD) costs. When you look at workers compensation claims, about $1 in every $3 are attributed to MSD. By incorporating ergonomics, you can greatly reduce that because it will have a direct impact on your workers in MSD.

Another huge impact on your cost savings are the indirect costs that will be improved. One estimate shows that the indirect costs related to an injury can equal up to 20 times the actual, direct cost of the injury. Furthermore, the following statistics about the impact of ergonomics were found:

● 59% average reduction of Musculoskeletal Disorders
● 65% average reduction in incidence rate
● 75% reduction in lost workdays
● 53% reduction in restricted days
● 68% reduction in worker’s compensation costs
● 39% reduction in cost per claim
● 43% decrease in labor costs

Improves Productivity

How productive are you when you’re not feeling your best? When your back starts hurting or your neck starts cramping, how can you pay attention to the work you need to do. Simple things like good posture, less exertion, fewer motions, and better heights and reaches can have a tremendous impact on the productivity of your workers. Some estimates say ergonomics can improve productivity by as much as 25%. Think about the increase in revenue that would bring to the company!

Improves Quality Of Work

When you are working in conditions with poor ergonomics, you may feel fine at first but soon the frustration and fatigue will set in. That same frustration and fatigue leads to errors and scrapped work. Instead, by implementing ergonomics in your workplace, you can reduce these errors by 67%.

Improves Employee Engagement

One of the most important parts of having employees who are happy and productive is keeping them engaged. When you have employees who are engaged, you’ll experience less turnover (by about 48%), lower absenteeism (by 58%), better morale, and increased employee involvement. In short, your employees will actually want to work at your company. And the more they enjoy their time at work, the more likely they will be to connect with the company’s goals and work together as a team to achieve those.

Better Culture

A company’s culture is largely determined by what they value. Do they value money and bottom line over their employees? Is making the biggest profit more important than actually making a difference? By placing focus on the ergonomics in your office, you can show that your company has their focus on the employees and keeping them happy and healthy. And of course, healthy employees are an asset.

Is It Worth The Cost

Yes! For many reasons, investing in a more ergonomic office will definitely pay off. Not only will you see higher revenue, but your costs will go down and your integrity as a company will go up. As you integrate your office with ergonomic changes, you will see your employees happier, healthier, and more ready to face the business battles with you.